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Colt Max Beads - Red

Length: 12.75"

Insertable Length: 11"

Girth: 3.5" at largest point

Width: 1" at largest point

Materials: Jelly Rubber (TPR)

Special Features: Flexible, Non-Phallic, Phthalate Free


An extra-long, pleasantly supple string of creatively shaped beads perfect for stimulation-craving anal players, Colt's Max set presents a bang-on combination of length, texture and size, along with a curvy, extra-large double barreled starter bead that proves bigger can be better. In a springy, body safe TPR material that bends and flexes to fit individual body contours with ease, the Max set is nevertheless definitely firm enough to satisfy. These beads flip the start-small notion on its back, offering the largest at the beginning, and shrinking progressively smaller toward the end. The entry bead is extra-large and bluntly spherical at its tip, stretching things out excitingly right from the start. Like all good anal toys, there's a distinct end point the form of a ringed handle- this assists with both manual maneuvers and quick, precise removal. Compatible with both water and silicone based lubricants.

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  1. didn't do it for me review by Glenn

    Honestly? They did nothing for me. When I first got them I was shocked at how long 12.75 inches actually is - was wondering if they would come out of my ears when I stuck them in!

    We both love anal, so thought this might inject some more fun, but they didn't do much for me I'm afraid! I won't give up and banish this little (ok, not so little!!) toy to the back of my toy-drawer and might tempt him to have a go instead.

    Cleaning them is, ahem, excuse the pun, a pain in the arse, but it doesn't take long.

  2. Cheap and cheerful review by Strider431

    I am fairly new to anal play so I thought I would get these and get my G-spot while I get hers.

    The beads are a good size for beginners, though the material is a bit hard and the ring is a bit hard to put on as it's not very stretchy.

    But other than that a great product and a great buy, will be thinking about getting others

  3. awesome sauce review by TanMan

    The build-up using each and every bead slowly is fantastic to any anal player.

    The beads are made out of a strong plastic which is smooth with little to no odour. The ring is super helpful just in case you run into difficulty.

    You can fit the whole toy in no problem and it's great.

  4. wow review by Arnie

    Was a tad apprehensive when I first saw the size of the last few beads, but finally tried it out for size today.

    Eased the first ones in no problem, and had to squat to get the last couple in with plenty of lube.

    What a feeling.

    I left them all in for my body to 'acclimatise' itself and could even stand up and walk round with them in, leaving the ring exposed, which was easy to grab onto.

    Gently I pulled them out to see what the 'fuss' was about , and used the first 6 or 7 beads in an in and out motion while on all fours to begin with before pushing the larger ones in as my butt relaxed to the feeling. Within minutes my cock was throbbing and dripping in pre cum before I started to play with myself before having an amazing orgasm as I pulled them out.

    Great to use, left my knees weak, easy to clean and I'm just thinking about using them again right now as I write this. Going to try using them in different positions, and can't wait to lie on my back and let them do their worst while my cock throbs. Will keep updated on the fun I have there with what works best. ;)

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