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Fetish Pleasure Play Faux Leather Open Mouth Gag

Length: 23"
O-ring: 1.75"
Material: Faux leather
Color: Black
Adjustable faux leather straps

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Get your lover to open wide and say "ahhh" with this naughty o-ring gag by Fetish Pleasure Play. The faux leather straps adjust to fit most sizes, pulling the ring tight and keeping the mouth open wide. you're in control over when and how often your lover speaks...what you do next is up to you!

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  1. very well made review by Petey

    I had been considering buying this for quite a while so finally decided to. I have to say it's definitely my favourite gag now.

    I mainly bought it because of the small bars coming off each side of the actual ring. In the past I've had ones where the straps attach straight onto the gag whether ball, ring etc. That tended to hurt the sides of my mouth after wearing for a little while so reduced the duration of being able to wear it while in play.

    Didn't have this problem at all with the gag, it's very comfy and the silicone is a soft, well made material. I also have a reasonably small mouth but don't have much trouble with this gag, it aches a little the next day if worn for a few hours but that's expected!

    Overall, really great gag and would recommend to others if wanting a O-Ring gag.

  2. great review by B-mack

    I've been wanting to try a gag for quite a while. We tried a ball gag to start with. However, found the straps on that rubbed and it wasn't the most comfortable.

    I also still wanted to try an O-ring gag.

    This looked to be a really good option as the soft ring wouldn't damage my teeth, and the joints on the edge of the ring looked like it would be a lot more comfortable to wear than the ball gag was.

    On first inspection of the gag it is not intimidating. The ring isn't huge and is soft to touch. It was easy to put on and the buckle made it easy to adjust and fit properly.

    The gag was quite comfortable to wear, and the soft material of the ring meant it didn't clash against my teeth or anything.

    The ring was not exceptionally large, although this did make it comfortable to wear for a long period.

    But it did mean he didn't fit easily through the ring... so it wasn't brilliant for that.

    I loved this gag, and it was a great introduction to O-ring gags. It was comfortable to wear and not intimidating.

    Thoroughly recommend.

  3. lots of fun review by WhiskeyRocknRoller

    It's great seeing my significant other wearing this and drooling uncontrollably, creating a little puddle beneath her.

    From her perspective, it's very comfortable to wear, even for extensive periods, thanks to the forgiving material. She likes the size, as it allows me to put whatever I like in her mouth (including my penis, as the hole is just big enough), which makes her feel very vulnerable and sexy.

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