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Fetish Pleasure Play Sensory Deprivation Hood

Breathable, black, artificial leather hood. 
Featuring a drain plug mouth piece as well as padding at the ears and eyes for sensory deprivation. 
Base of hood has D-ring for leash attachment. Adjustable lace up hood. 
One size fits most.


Fetish Pleasure Play turns up the heat with this sensory deprivation hood. The hood features internal pads over the ears, eyes and mouth to block out sound and light! The opening (at the front of the hood) allows your partner to breathe.

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  1. good for me review by Desert Sub

    I bought one of these for my wife to put me in. We have a split king bed with straps running under the mattress on my side which she clips to wrist and ankle cuffs every night so I must sleep restrained. When the hood arrived she decided to make me sleep in it also. The leather is very soft and the fit was snug, but quite good. It is comfortable enough that I can sleep very well in it thank goodness, as she makes me do so quite often! She says she loves seeing me lying next to her wearing nothing but leather cuffs, the leather hood and my CB6000. Her fantasy is to have sex with another man right next to me like this. Who knows, she may just do it some night!

  2. how exciting review by Andrew

    love this hood you lose all sence of time and you can't hear or see anything. I have bought two of these for different Mistresses over the years and I'm no small guy and the small/medium more than fits me. the large had to be cinched down to really get it to fit good though it allowed room for a breather tube gag. I wish the mouth opening was a little bigger and that there were nose holes, but hands down this is the best sensory deprivation hood I've seen!

  3. 5 out of 5 review by Stingray

    I had ordered this a wile back and thought that time would tell me how to write this review..and so it has... I love this hood. I have not got a chance to have fun with it with another person yet. I ordered it for some self bondage fun. Its a little tricky to put this on your self and still be able to get the other part of your bondage set in place that requires your hands and not your sight.. One thing I like to do is to put ear buds in before putting the hood on. I have really good hearing so I can hear through it fairly well. But with the ear buds in all I can hear is music... My hope is that I can have a safety that will help me get in all my stuff and leave me for a hour or so. I want to be in this hood and my neck brace tied to the bed music on.. Have a wine enema going in and my heels on and my timer set for my hitachi with my masturbater attachment on.. set for on for a min and off for 1 to 5 mins then back on... I need a safety for the fact if some thing goes wrong I can still get out. I have other ways to get out sober...not sure about drunk... But if you can handle the hood go for it.. you will not be dissapointed... How ever the string used to lace the back up could be

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