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Fleshlight GO: Surge - Torque Ice

Height: 8.5"
Entry width: 3"
End width: 2"
Weight: 1 lb
Clear case magnifies penis size
Transparent sleeve lets you or your partner watch the action
Body-safe material built to last
Exclusive SuperSkin sleeve provides hyper-realistic feel
Reusable and easy to clean

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Fleshlight GO is the point guard of the Fleshlight all-star team. This compact male masturbator is lighter, shorter and more discreet than the original, making it easier than ever to use anywhere, anytime and with a single hand.
The Fleshlight GO is everything you love about the original top-selling Fleshlight, condensed into a more compact design. This toy is shorter and weighs less than the original, so that you can single-handedly grip and stroke with more ease than ever before.

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  1. Feels amazing, clean up is a pain, gobbles lube, material and lube absorption makes use with a condom extremely difficult review by john doe

    First off, this flashlight feels absolutely amazing. The slightly smaller size is nice compared to the huge and heavy original flashlights. I am an average endowed man, so its virtually the perfect length. You can go all the way in and still have about an inch. The other great thing about the torque is that the ridges and nubs go almost all the way to the end, so even if you are doing full penetration, your entire shaft and head are being stimulated. The fact that it's clear is also fantastic. I didn't know how I'd feel about it but being able to see everything thats going on inside is definitely a turn on. Being able to watch yourself finish is a great thing too, plus, the fact that you can see inside means that you can make sure all of your "leavings" have been rinsed out after cleaning.

    That being said, when it comes to clean up and the ordeal it takes to use it, it can be a bit of a pain. It definitely gobbles lube faster than the Flashlight STU that I used to have. It feels like a slightly different material so that may be the case. Using it bare skin without a condom is fine, you just have to put in more lube a few times. I've started leaving the end cap on loose and squeezing lube into the top of it while I'm penetrating it so I don't have to pull out and interrupt my session. If you do choose to finish inside, cleanup is definitely not super easy. Because you can't turn it inside out, it takes forever to dry and you have to check it periodically to make sure that the soft material isn't pinched anywhere which would keep parts of the inside from drying. I would recommend using it right to the edge of orgasm and then pulling out before you cum.

    I now live in a dorm room so I prefer to use a condom with the toy in order to keep cleanup as easy as possible. Using a condom worked great with the STU, however, the torque, not so much. If you're using a condom, it is going to take a lot more lube. Because the toy does get sticky so quickly, it creates a bunch of friction on the inside. While this isn't a problem if your going in bare skin, it is an huge problem if you're masturbating with a condom on. When I've used the same amount of lube that I use for normal masturbation, the condom has broken 60% of the time about halfway through my session. In order to keep the condom from tearing, you have to use an absolutely ridiculous amount of lube. This causes two problems. Firstly, lube isn't cheap at all. Secondly, when you're using that much lube, it seeps out when you're pulling out, meaning that you end up with a giant puddle of lube right under wherever you're masturbating. Ive found that using a mix of lube and spit seems to make the lube go a lot further and makes it a lot more slick.

    Overall though, the toy is fantastic. Its definitely not an every day kind of toy, however, if you have an hour or two alone where you can really indulge, relax and take your time, there's no better masturbator out there.

  2. WOW! review by Robert h.

    This is the 7th Fleshlight I've added to my collection and by far the most intense. The thing is so tight it can grip my finger and hold is weight. It's so small in fact I would advise anyone over 17cm in length and/or 15cm in girth to avoid this one or you just won't fit. As for the texture I have no idea how to describe it; it's diameter varies greatly and the walls are covered with ribs and nodges. This creates a sensation that is totally unique to Fleshlight and like nothing you've felt before. The transparency is great for couples play because of the ascetic factor. I wouldn't advise this one for beginners because of its shear intensity; try something a bit more mild like the lotus or forbidden textures.

  3. Perfect fit review by Dale F.

    The new smaller size "Go" is awesome!!! I have tried several of the original Fleshlights in different textures and found them to be good but they always seemed big and bulky but the new smaller size of the "Go" has turned an already good toy into a awesome one. It's the same great feel of the original (maybe even better) but with the smaller size it fits better in your hand for better control and comfort,

    *As a side note: I would say that this is probably best suited for guys less then 7" and average or smaller girth (I am average in both areas and as you enter the area where it tapers at the handle it becomes very tight which is both good and a bit bad). So be warned, if you are larger just stick with the regular size Fleshlight.

  4. Great Partner review by Mark S.

    Love it.....if you don't have a partner or find yourself alone.....about the next best to the real thing. Really like the more compact size of this one too. Easier to store and takes only one hand. The clear adds visual enhancement.

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