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Helix Classic Prostate Stimulator

Length - 4 1/4". 
Insertable length - 3.9". 
Girth - 2.9" around at widest. 
Width - 1" at widest. Material - Plastic, silicone. 
Special Features - Hypoallergenic, hygienic, hands-free.

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The anal area has one of the highest concentrations of nerve endings in the entire body, not to mention the male g-spot itself, the prostate gland or 'P-Spot. Stimulation of the prostate and surrounding area can result in what some men have called the best orgasm of their lives, or the 'Super-O'. The Helix is designed for hands-free prostate massage, and unbelievable sensations. The bulbous, expertly designed head has been researched and studied to hit the prostate easily and comfortably with contractions of the pelvic and anal muscles. At the base, you'll find two extensions, one of which will stimulate the perineum while the Helix is inside you, while the other acts as a handle for comfortable insertion and placement. The trick to mind blowing orgasms with the Helix seems to be this; let your body tell you what to do. The best way to use it is slowly, taking your time and letting your body adjust to the sensation. Thanks to a hands free design, you'll be able to enjoy this massager in almost any position, so get into one that feels comfortable for you, and relax while slowly contracting the sphincter muscles around the head of the Helix, drawing it naturally inside. One fully inserted and positioned properly, it'll automatically massage the prostate- you should not have to use any manual pressure or movement, in fact, and doing so may be uncomfortable and isn't recommended. Many men report achieving a 'Super-O' right away, while others need time to get comfortable with the experience. Once you're used to the sensation of anal penetration and prostate massage itself, you'll be use the massager with a partner during sex. Some men say that it helps them last longer because they can focus on sensations other than those of the penis, and some say that it makes them harder. Pleasure aside, massage is thought to improve prostate health, so you can't really go wrong! The Helix is a mid to small sized Aneros anal toy, so it would be great for a novice. If you're an anal/prostate massage pro or a beginner, check out other Aneros products for something in a more appropriate size.

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  1. Pretend having prostrate orgasms. review by Michael

    This product is a waste of
    money. I tried using it for a couple of years with no results. I found the company site, they have no advice about the products they sell. They have no explanation as to why their products work for some men and others get nothing. The peer group forum is a group of men that are dedicated followers of the prostate massagers, they sound like fanatical, gross new age,hippies,giving really bad advice like "practice relaxing with the massager inserted" "just enjoy your time alone,relaxing", "go with the flow". If you're going to spend money on a prostate massager, my advice is avoid the overpriced Aneros brand and go with something cheaper.

  2. 5 stars review by Jim

    just what the doctor ordered

  3. worthless piece of plastic review by Danny archer

    I've spent hours with this piece of plastic in my ass and nothing happened. Its a hoax. It doesn't give any pleasure and its not worth the money. If your curiosity is still getting the best of you there are plenty of cheaper knock offs. I've also tried, they suck too..but at least they suck 25 dollars less than this piece of crap.

  4. work in progress review by Gbaby

    Nothing earth shattering but it is exactly what I ordered. Still working toward my goal but got some good warm fuzzies.

  5. uncomfortable and underwhelming review by Nikki

    I find this stimulator uncomfortable to insert. It feels too rough. I also haven't had success with the suggested 'hands-free' method. I actually bought it for milking, but I haven't had a chance to try it in that way yet, so perhaps there are merits there, but it's difficult to get past how uncomfortable it feels. I've found I really can't handle it for more than 10 minutes or so.

  6. 3 stars on this one review by Desiree Bryant

    Didn't do the job totally .. Needs a little maneuvering ... But, every one is different.

  7. Hubby luvs it! review by Christine Luna

    I was a little skeptical buying this for my hubby but thought it would be a fun little toy for him. Plus I read quite a pit of reviews for these types and most were excellent. He loves it maybe someone it because its something different but still well worth the money.

  8. Two stars review by Jenmo

    My man didn't like it much. Didn't have the desired effect.

  9. Highly recommended review by Cameron

    It feels so good. This is my first anal toy and my first experience with prostate stimulation. I absolutely love this thing.

  10. Completely useless review by Melanie D.

    This company sure does talk a big game, and this device supposedly has all this science behind it. Don't be fooled. Where do I begin? This toy wasn't even long enough to reach his prostate. It didn't stay in. Didn't feel like anything for him and didn't DO anything. I might as well have just burned my money. But I guess that's what I get for spending $50 on a silly-shaped piece of plastic.

    I sure do wish we could hold sex toy companies accountable for selling a useless gimmick. But how can we do that when they don't take returns and won't give us our money back?

  11. Get it. review by Methos

    Oh my god.... this is awesome. ^_^ So much better than the Realistic Cock from Doc Johnson. Lube is needed!

  12. Game changer. review by Alex

    Although I still have not achieved a super-o, this has been a wonderful addition to my collection. The sensations this device give your prostate are unimaginable and this has helped me get that much closer to the super-o. I have experienced and achieved more than I ever have even thought possible with this device. Love my mgx, but helix is definitely preferred!!

  13. Four Stars review by WinDee

    Didn't achieve the Super O, but the sensations were very enjoyable.

  14. I can dig it review by Jackie L. Smith

    Good product good prostate exersizer

  15. Waste of money review by JM

    Was a waste of money...did nothing

  16. Love review by Retrogamer602

    After enough training with this i can have multiple male orgasms and it is amazing. For many it will take time to get the full effect. My first one i think it took 2-4 months and 3-4 times per week until i felt the full effects and enjoyment. For guys who want to feel multiple orgasms that can last several minutes like a woman then this is our answer here.

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