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Pjur Backdoor Water Base Anal Glide - 250 ml.

Water-based lubricant with a comfortable lubricating effect. Size: 250 ml

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The water-based lubricant with a comfortable lubricating effect, especially for hard anal sex. The addition of valuable hyaluronic acid featuring moisturizing properties forms small water cushions to support the lubricating effect.

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  1. too runny reeks of vinegar review by Bill

    The description on the container says that this lubricant is odorless. It is certainly not: the lubricant reeks of vinegar. While of course I cannot be sure that mine didn't come from a bad batch, it seems unlikely to me that two sealed units would exhibit the same problem. The liquid really smells, enough to catch a whiff at an arm's distance. This smell hit me as soon as I put it on the toy, but with the second container I was careful enough to flavor-test it right after the opening. It still smells like sauerkraut gone bad, or a salad dressing going all vinegar-y after a few days off the fridge. While the smell is off-putting, it was bearable enough that I could live with it. Would be a shame to throw away two 250ml containers just because of that.

    Unfortunately, this lubricant sucks at what it's supposed to do. First of all, it is way too runny. Normally, I use a silicone lubricant, but I like to combine it (in layers) with a water-based lubricant, and I also like to begin the session with a water-based solution. Unfortunately, this one simply doesn't stick. It flows off the fingers, and I have to be very careful where I step, so as not to slip, as there are splotches of this lubricant lurking everywhere. The runoff is simply impossible to prevent. Next, I wash my toys right before use, rinsing them with warm water to remove any dust particles. I also like to submerge my toys in moderately hot water so as to warm them up, as the muscles react more favorably to warm materials. A good water-based lubricant should still stick to a moist surface of a thermoplastic toy. This one does not. Part of it runs off the toy (as well as my hands), and the rest dissolves quickly. It is simply unusable, at least for most of my usecases. I have to apply enormous quantities of this thing because only a small portion of it remains on the toy.

    This lubricant is entirely unsuitable for its intended purpose as a backdoor lubricant. While there are even worse lubes out there (Swiss Navy, for example, which has consistency almost exactly that of water), there are also better lubes, which are not only thicker and water-resistant enough to stick to moist surfaces, but have no odor, either. Such a disappointment from Pjur, given that they make an excellent silicone lubricant, and my all-time favorite ('Original Bodyglide').

  2. smells bad review by Lyle

    Horrible smell, very runny, does not work for its intended purpose.

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