You can't go wrong with these top expert picks. So, you want to buy a sex toy, but there are so many sex toys out there, and truth be told, choosing one can be a bit intimidating. How are you supposed to know which will be the best fit (so to speak!) for you? It's not like you're going to poll your Facebook friends.

1. A Bed Bondage System

What is it? Turn your bedroom into a kinky playground with a restraint system that straps right under your mattress, no matter what size it is. These bondage systems come with padded and adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs. You can remove the bondage system any time you want — it's as simple as changing your sheets. Is this for you? If you're in the mood for some adventure, then YES! "This product helps those willing to experiment with light S&M and B&D (bondage and discipline) learn to create new sensations for each other," says Dr. Kirk. Dating expert Laurel House adds, "Be honest, you want to be dominated. Sometimes you want to be tied down and at your man’s mercy."

The one you need to try ASAP: Liberator Bed Buckler $88.99

2. The Wands

What is it? The wand massagers are used to relieve stress and tension in your back, wand style massagers quickly found their way between ladies' legs. These massagers are pretty basic in shape and have various speeds and vibration modes for clitoral stimulation. Is this for you? Many women struggle with vibrators that are simply not strong enough. Wand style vibrators offer the strongest vibrations available because they plug directly into the wall or now are rechargeable and still putting out the same power.

The one you need to try ASAP: The Mighty Wand $79.99

3. The Clit Stimulator

What is it? A clit stimulator is just that — a device designed to target this ultra-sensitive part with teasing vibrations. Some, such as the popular butterfly vibrator, are hands-free and can be worn while you do other things (such as oral sex on your guy or girl or reading some erotica). Is it for you? If you're like many women, this may could be just the type of stimulation your body has been craving. "Most people don't realize that the clitoris is not just the small visible nub above the vaginal opening. It actually extends in a wishbone shape on either side of the labia — which means that most of us have been ignoring this sensitive erogenous zone. In fact, many women prefer indirect clitoral head stimulation!" says Dr. Kirk.

The three you need to try ASAP: Womanizer Pro $219.00, EVA Clit Vibrator $105.00, Womanizer W100 Clitoral Stimulator $189.00

4. The Rabbit

What is it? This is the most popular sex toy in the world (You probably saw it on Sex and the City years ago!). It offers simultaneous stimulation via shaft that penetrates and pearls that rotate to stimulate your clit. Is it for you? Many women notice that clitoral stimulation when paired with internal vibration offers more consistent orgasms, says Dr. Kirk. And with a rabbit vibrator, you don't need a man to get that.

The top 3 you need to try ASAP: Jopen Vanity VR15 Action Vibe $170.99, Sensuelle Femme Luxe Rabbit $99.99, JimmyJane Iconic Rabbit 2 $105.00

5. The Anal Massager

What is it? Designed with a smaller shaft with the backdoor in mind, anal massagers slide in pretty smooth with a little lube and patience. In guys, they stimulate the prostate, and in women, they stimulate the loads of nerve endings inside the anal canal. Is it for you? Anal massagers are perfect for anyone looking to explore a little butt play, especially for people not comfortable sticking their fingers into their lover's bum. Also, some women can only orgasm with anal stimulation. Perhaps you're one of them.

The top 3 you need to try ASAP: B-Vibe Rimming Butt Plug $150.00, Lelo Loki Anal Massager $129.99, Drive Vortex Anal Vibrator $60.00

If you’ve not used toys and feel anxiety about giving them a try, fear not! You’ll be in good company as research shows 82 percent of American adults use sex toys.