Fun Factory Miss Bi

Material: Silicone
Length: 6.7 inches
Girth: 1.6"
Battery: Rechargeable
Vibration: 6 Speeds / 6 vibration patterns
Waterproof: Yes
Travel lock: Yes
Recommended lube: Water Based
Warranty: 1 yr manufacturer

The Miss Bi by Fun Factory has two motors in the shaft and in the clittoral stimulator. This allows you to control not only internal vibrations, but what you will feel externally. It is recharable and comes with a magnetic usb charger, and is waterproof. The box will tell you it has 7 speeds/modes, but as castle megastore has it listed and i've found as well, it only has 6. It comes in three colors, pink, blue and purple and as you can see i went with my favorite color, purple. 

First let me start by saying, its an attractive toy. Fun Factory is one of the "luxury" brands so you automatically expect the best, but I was still pleasantly suprised at how nice it looks. The handle is ergonomic so its easy to hold during use, and the bottons are easy to reach. The shaft of the toy is fairly simple with a ridge going down each side, following into the clittoral stimulator, but I think that also add's to its overall modern look. The toy features a "travel lock" button so you can prevent it from being turned on by pressing the upper two buttons. All you do is press the "Fun Factory" button once and you'll see when you try to press the other two, it won't turn back on. To turn it off and play with the toy, you just simply hold down the fun factory button until it lights up and you feel the vibrations start again. 

When it turns on both motors are in its lowest setting. You'll notice that as you go higher in the settings, and even when the pattern changes, the lights on the buttons will get brighter and pulse with the vibrations. The settings go from low, medium, and high, then to a rapid pulse for its first pattern, the second pattern is a low vibration followed by a burst of rapid pulses, and lastly a pattern that starts pulsing at a low vibration, and builds into a constant higher vibration. You can do this on both motors so if you like one more for one area and not the other, you don't have to commit to just one pattern or speed. Its also important to note that this thing was virtually silent. The most you hear is a little "purr" but that is about it. It is definately a toy you can use with others in the next room, that is if you yourself can keep quiet. ;)

I have to say that this is a very close second, if not tied with my favorite, The Rabbit 2 by Lovehoney. Its not as big but still packs a lot of power which i actually appreciate because I personally enjoy power over internal penetration. It's just big enough to enjoy but nothing over baring. My favorite settings are the high setting for the shaft, and the rapid pulse setting for the clittoral stimulator at first, and the building one when im ready to finish. I've never really experienced a toy that successfully could pull that off, and it was a very enjoyable feature to have. As far as price goes its about what I expected for a toy of this quality. It will run about 149.99 at and when you think about the life you will get out of this toy, and the fact that it comes with a 1 year warranty from the manufactorer, you will get what you pay for.  

​As always, stay safe and have fun! -- Margot Quinn