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Sensuelle Point Rechargeable Bullet - Silver

Length: 3.6". 
Features: multi-speed
Material: Silicone.

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Get straight to The Point. Don't settle for anything less powerful! FINALLY! A bullet that has it all - Amazingly Powerful, 20 functions, sensual touch AND rechargeable! The Sensuelle Point is twice dipped in silicone, to give you an ultra smooth, silky, sensual feel. It is beautiful to touch, but is also is mind-blowing intense. It's not just a bullet, it's a new breed of bullet that will redefine what a good bullet is. Simply put, it's a Super Bullet. Unlike any other bullet you've ever touched! It's a phenomenon to be marveled at and WILL cause a sensation. One touch of this incredible bullet is all it will take! Experience the Sensuelle Point Bullet. Weight: 30 g/0.07 lbs. Length: 9.2 cm/3.6 inches. Width (Base): 2.3 cm/0.9 inches. Width (Tip): 1.9 cm/0.75 inches.

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  1. Wife loved it till it burned up in her hand! review by Dan

    Got this for the wife as we like to try new things! Ended up being her new fav.. Use it all the time till about the 4th month and maybe 30 recharges! We were using it and all the sudden it got so hot I had to drop it,, then it started smoking and burning! Not good considering where it was

  2. Thing just burned up on us while using review by Julie

    We have had it about 6 months now! My most fav toy in the chest! But it started getting hot the last few times till yesterday! It actually got burning hot and was not even on .. We used it and the battery died after 20 mins ! Sat it next to us and it kept getting hotter then it smelled like it was burning inside! Ran it to the yard and left it in a safe spot ( hidden of course)

  3. just buy review by mia

    Exactly as described. At one point it wouldn't turn on and I think the button just got caught. It still works now and I love the different speeds. Much better than the waterproof bullets out there at most sex shops.

  4. 1 star review by Virgo

    Works great, but stops working after 10 uses or so

  5. so powerful! we love it review by Millers

    Very powerful. Wife pulled hamstring on first use.
    Still going strong after a year of use.

  6. powerful! review by Ramel

    The most powerful toy we have ever owned in this category by far.

  7. broke review by Jenny

    Turned it on once and it broke. The fact that it vibrates so hard is amazing... but the reality is that delicate technology isn't built to with stand it... the vibrations practically rip apart the connections.

  8. strong vibrations review by finn

    This is the 2nd one that we have had and it has one of the strongest and lengthy vibrations as any I have ever seen. It will literally jump out of your hand and when it does you have got to run it down cause its gone... lol The first one had a textured velvety feel and she liked it better than the smooth one here. But the most bang for your money is with The Sensuelle Bullet..

  9. great toy...if only it had a good battery review by Db

    I will break down the review into just Pros and Cons:

    - Price is not that expensive
    - This tool will replace man..I mean, no man can really compete with this for a woman. Bought the toy for my SO as a gift. But hope is not lost yet, because of its Con

    - The built-in battery in this toy doesn't have good quality control. I would place the toy on the charger, and sometimes, it just doesn't charge. Eventually, the charger stops charging the toy all together, and then I had to return it to Amazon as the toy died within the first 24 hours.
    - See above. Really bad battery.

  10. the holy grail of vibes! review by Reggie

    I finally found it!
    You will NEVER need another...unless you lose it.
    After the third setting. .it could jumpstart a heart...
    I love it and telling EVERY female friend I have..single and married.
    You'll wanna nickname it..I did...lol

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