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When you’re looking to prolong your pleasure, there are many options that can physically help one last longer in bed. These bedroom accessories may be small, but  the difference they can make is big.

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Sprays & Creams

Desensitizing sprays and creams are not as un-sexy as they sound. By slightly dulling the feeling of intimacy (but still making the experience pleasurable), the user can last longer until orgasm.


Performance Enhancements

Sometimes your mind may be in The Mood, but your body isn’t following along. Performance enhancement pills can help physical arousal and extend pleasure. These small pills are easy to keep by the bed for those extra-long nights.


Cock Rings

Cock rings extend pleasure by tightening the base of the penis to help maintain an erection. Adding a vibrating bullet to a cock ring can also add pleasure for both the wearer and their partner.


Like cock rings, sleeves can be used to maintain an erection by tightening around the lower part of the penis. Sleeves can be worn during sex and during foreplay to help prolong intimacy.