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Oral sex can be great foreplay for every type of couple. Oral, giving and receiving, its defined by the usage of one partner’s mouth/tongue stimulating another partner. Hands and toys can also be involved in oral stimulation!

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Flavored Lubes

Flavored lubricant can be used during oral sex in a variety of ways. For couples who are shy, having a pleasantly flavored lube can help relieve anxiety when engaging in oral sex. Flavored lubes add an element of fun without too much effort.

Vibrating Tongue Rings

Looking to add some energy to your normal oral sex routine? A vibrating tongue ring sends a pleasant shock of pleasure to your partner! Simply fasten the ring around your tongue and go to town. The added vibrating sensation will double the pleasure of oral.

Kissable Oils

Edible (kissable) oils can be used on the entire body, so they are great for romantic foreplay where you want to tease every part of your partner’s body. Use the kissable oils on your partner’s hot spots and enjoy a tasty treat!

Cock Rings

Cock rings with bullets inside can be used on your partner’s penis to add extra stimulation to the base. Try combining it with a vibrating tongue ring for a whole wave of new sensations.


Sleeves can be used to add new sensations to oral sex on a penis. Using a sleeve at the base of the penis while giving oral to the tip will add a new twist to the standard blowjob and can bring new types of pleasure to the experience.