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Vanity by Jopen VR12 Stimulator

Separate incremental speed controls
Instant on/off function
Easy to follow instructions
Whisper quiet
Premium Silicone maintains and retains body heat
Unscented, non-porous, and hypoallergenic
Satin finish and virtually seamless
Rechargeable with premium Lithium Ion battery
LED charge indicator
110/240 Volt power adapter with decorator charging stand
Powered by Power Bullet
Measurements: 5.75x 1.5/ 15 cm x 4 cm (insertable), 2.75x 1.25/ 7 cm x 3 cm (stimulator), 9.5x 1.75/ 24 cm x 4 cm (overall)

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Rechargeable dual motor vibrating stimulator. Ergonomically designed for the natural contours of a woman. Powerful independent dual motors, one in the stimulator, and one in the tip. Separate incremental speed controls. Instant on/off function. Easy to follow instructions. Waterproof. Whisper quiet. Premium Silicone maintains and retains body heat. Unscented, non-porous, and hypoallergenic. Satin finish and virtually seamless

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  1. Way too expensive to break after only a year for the price! I will never again buy a product from this line! review by Disappointed beyond belief

    Waste of money after it broke after only a year!! Very unhappy! I wish I could give a negative amount of stars!

  2. awesome product review by Cow_Girl

    I chose this rating only because I thought it would have a little more movement but other than that it is awesome. I still would recomend it to others, and the shipping and service was very good.

  3. a little too much review by Farley

    maybe I'm too old, but I found it uncomfortable, no matter how much lubricant I used. also a bit too thick

  4. recommended! review by Ashley

    High quality vibrator that performs as advertised and then some. Multiple orgasms in minutes which are intense. Highly recommended despite the price.

  5. not really worth it review by jay taylor

    As soon I saw this, I HAD to have it... Turns out, it takes way too much work to use. I like the twisty action, and the vibrator is powerful, but together it's just too much and is quite difficult to get off really hard.

  6. wow awesome review by mike jones

    Wife loves this product! It's worth the little extra not having to buy batteries and the cheaper toys break or quit working if used often. Quality, design, and vibration are all there....this is the one to get!

  7. love love love review by Perry

    5 stars. worth every penny! best one i bought yet and that's over a course of almost a decade. love the recharge and no more batteries, this was definitely a splurge and very much satisfied with everything about it. the price was over double at the hustler store so this was a great deal. if i could buy one of these for all my girls i would.

  8. not expected review by Whitney

    does, not work as well as well as I expected. I was hoping it would move faster or vibrator was stringer then it is

  9. not waterproof! review by abc123

    Great product! Very happy with it until I took it in the bathtub. It is not waterproof as stated in product description! Now my expensive purchase is worthless!

  10. an ok item review by Jessie's Girl

    This is an okay vibe. I find it works nothing like a LELO product but yet much better then any battery operated vibe. I will definitely be sticking to LELO for future. This does have a good amount of power. The charging base is very awkward being you have to have it sit straight up while it charges (no hiding that). The material feels a little rougher then I like. I do not find this worth the price.

  11. painful insertion review by don

    The part that I don't like about this product is the ripple which can be quite painful for the first insertion.

  12. upset review by Mercedes

    I can't believe I spend that money on such a ridiculous item. I don't know how anyone gets pleasure from them. The worst part is that I can't get rid of it. Who do you give it to?

  13. Wife loves review by Charlie

    There was initial concern from my wife that the Jopen was " too expensive". Her long time rabbit died and I was told not to replace it. It was only used occasionally and when the ears quit working, it was useless. Well, I haven't done any toy shopping in a decade so I chose not to listen to my wife in hopes that she would thank me later. I read quite a bit about some of the jelly vibes out there and the concern over degrading chemicals and plastics. I came across the V-12 and it seemed to fit my wife's criteria for her needs. This would be a step up in length and girth as well as power. After her inspection of the device along my presentation of features and benefits, she was quick to accept my decision to purchase. Her immediate response was " this is much more powerful". It took about 3 minutes to finish. Immediate reactions were positive with power and movement. It fit her anatomy well. Very happy with length and especially girth. Ribbed area on the shaft was not an issue. Buttons are a little clumsy to learn at first but have not been detrimental to the experience. Charging the device will be a challenge if you have kids. Rating from my wife is 5 stars. She is not one to use a vibrator privately, only as a couple. I wonder if this may change?

  14. SuperToy review by Call_Girl

    This is by far the most versatile toy that I have ever had. You can do so many things with it! I had it for a little over a year and was still discovering new ways for my lover and I to enjoy this toy together.
    It is a great toy solo, and a great toy for two.
    This toy is quiet, lasts long (even at high speeds), and is durable.
    Personally, I can get really careless with things I own, sex toys are no exception. My vr-12 ended up breaking, shortly after the warranty had expired. It was through no fault of the manufacturer, I just dropped it at a weird angle onto a hard surface..................one too many times.
    I gave this toy a 5/5 because toys are not indestructible -- although this one had me fooled for a while.

  15. Everyone should get review by Mrs. W"right"

    Everybody needs to own one of these. Has to be one of the best vibes we have!

  16. not too bad....if it works review by DoubleD

    It was pretty good....while it worked. One of the only high end vibrators I have found so far that not only has true dual stimulation.....but rotation as well, which I do enjoy. I had to adjust it (it says it is bendable and it is.) However, the clit stimulator stopped working (not sure if the bending caused that, and if so, they should not market it as "bendable.") I have owned it for less than a year (marginal use) and seriously,despite a warranty, who wants to send their vibe in for repairs?! This is more than irritating given the price. I am currently searching for a new vibe and will probably choose a different manufacturer.

  17. just a little expensive review by Adventurous one

    My wife likes multiple sources of stimulation. Although she has achieved orgasm with it a few times, it's usually used to warm things up for other toys that are more reliable at delivering an orgasm. It's a bit expensive for that use - but it has held up well and should be a good long term product. Charging is easy - and it seems to hold a charge relatively well, even when not used frequently.

  18. amazing toy review by DW

    Amazing toy! A little over-the-top with the c-stimulator (my wife likes a strong stimulation up there, but this takes it to a new level that at times is too much for her even). She likes the rotation and uses this about 10% of the time she uses a toy (check out the VR4.5 for something a bit milder). Love the JOpen Vanity line though! top notch! Just be aware these are not waterproof and can get some infiltration if submerged or even rinsed too vigorously.

  19. how sad is that review by Samantha

    This thing broke already. The motor just stopped. How sad is that? For this price? I'm very disappointed.

  20. Pretty high price but so worth it review by Johnson

    We have had this now for well over a year, it is still my wifes favorite. Yes the price is high, but the stimulation is better than any of the rabbit or similar products, and after much use and travel with it (the lock function s nice to keep it from accidentally turning on). The product still looks as new as it did the day it arrived. This is VERY VERY VERY much worth the price. You will NOT regret it.

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