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13 Fantastic Places to Have Sex That Are Not Your Bed

13 Fantastic Places to Have Sex That Are Not Your Bed

Posted at Oct 18, 2018 07:00 pm By Castle Megastore / Category:

Spicing up your sex life doesn’t have to be about breaking out the whips and chains or trying out every position in the Kama Sutra (unless you want it to be, of course). You’d be surprised how effective something as simple as changing the place when it comes to making sex better and more exciting. However, knowing you’re ready to think beyond the bed a little more often and actually doing it are two different things entirely.

The following are just a few great options to get started with. Whether you and your partner get  down for a little kinky public sex or really prefer to keep things closer to home base, there’s something here that’s bound to be just right for you. Don’t forget to come up with your own ideas for taking your love play to the next level as well.

1. The Shower

    If you and your partner pretty much never have sex outside of your bedroom, the shower or the bathtub is a really great place to start. Not only is the act of showering with your partner sexy, intimate, and extremely enjoyable in and of itself, but clean-up instantly becomes a no-brainer. (Perfect for trying out some of the messier things on your sexual to-do list!) Plus, all it takes is a couple of well-chosen props to make the mood more romantic (e.g. candles and music) or add an exciting dose of sizzle (e.g. a waterproof vibrator).

    2. The Kitchen Counter

      You’ve most certainly heard of couples that can’t keep their hands off of one another having sex right in the middle of the kitchen floor, but the kitchen counter is a place well worth considering as well. It’s an insanely hot way to get into some fun positions for sure. Just make sure the counter’s free of stray kitchen knives or breakable items like glass jars and bottles first. You want your kitchen sex to end with an orgasm, not a trip to the emergency room.

      3. The Washing Machine

        Sex on the washing machine or the dryer is definitely one way to turn a drudge like laundry day into the kind of team effort you can both look forward to. The laundry room is certainly a far cry from the bedroom. Plus, the added vibrations from the machinery can make for some pleasant stimulation as well. Currently doing your laundry at the laundromat or in a communal laundry room instead of at home? You can still enjoy a little dirty, sudsy action. Just go at an off time and make sure the coast is clear before you get down to business.

        4. The Living Room Sofa

          As with the shower, the living room sofa is an alternative place to have sex that should be on every couple’s radar for a multitude of reasons. If your sofa is like most, it’s soft, covered with cushions, and ultra-comfortable. Plus, you already likely spend a lot of time there reading, watching TV, or just relaxing. All it takes is a little spontaneity to turn a humdrum Friday movie night into a flirty, sexy romp instead. Don’t be afraid to throw a little porn on the television if you’re in the mood to make things extra spicy some night.

          5. The Garden

            There’s no place like the great outdoors when you’re in the mood for an impromptu sex session. If you’ve got a backyard, a garden, or even a well-sheltered balcony, you don’t even have to venture away from home to enjoy a quick outdoor orgasm with your partner. The feeling of the breeze on your skin and earthy smells like soil, wood, or green growing things are wonderful aphrodisiacs as well. Plus, spur-of-the-moment love play is a wonderful way to make tasks like weeding or hoeing a less tiresome.

            6. The Ocean

              Whether you’re lucky enough to live by the actual seashore or just like to take the occasional beachy vacation, there’s no place like the ocean to have sex with a lover, especially if the water’s nice and warm. Play your cards right and it’s possible to get it on without passersby even catching on. A little uncomfortable with the idea of going out into the open water to get your groove on? Try looking for a little secluded patch of sandy beach to christen instead. Just make sure you also bring a beach towel to frolic on. Otherwise, you could be finding sand in places you don’t want it for days to come. But for sure vacation sex in the ocean is amazing!

              7. The Pool

                Like bathtubs and showers, pools and hot tubs are great places to have sex. To begin with, the mood tends to set itself. Someone you’re already extremely attracted to never looks hotter than when they’re scantily clad and soaking wet. The feeling of warm, soothing water lapping at your skin feels quite sensual as well. If pool or hot tub sex ever becomes part of your regular agenda, you can always spice things up even more by bringing some waterproof toys to the party. Extra small, discreet options like waterproof vibrating bullets can help you enjoy a little clandestine fun in public should the mood ever strike.

                8. The Car

                  Car sex may have been your only option when you were still in high school, but now that you’re all grown up, there’s no better place to have sex in public without having to do it while completely exposed. Your car opens up an entire world of possibilities when it comes to being spontaneous. Drive out into an open field for some stargazing and a little romantic love play afterward. Pull over for a second during a long road trip for a quick nap and some oral. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even take a pointer from the movies and have a quickie while draped across the hood. That’d be a great way to get the most out of a romantic getaway!

                  9. The Office

                    Even if we absolutely love our jobs, we all have days when the daily grind gets to be a little too much. Why not put some spice back in your sex life and some pep back in your step at the same time with a little office sex? If you have an office to yourself at your place of business, have your partner swing by to bring you “lunch”. If not, get a little creative and find an out of the way place to have a quickie. Don’t happen to work somewhere actual office sex is even a possibility? Try indulging in a little phone sex or some naughty sexting instead.

                    10. The Movies

                      The movie theater is dark. It’s intimate. It’s already the perfect place for a steamy make-out session or a little cuddling on the downlow. It only seems natural for adventurous couples to think about taking things a step or two further once in a while, doesn’t it? If you’ve got a whole section of the theater all to yourselves, a little undercover sex can be a great way to redeem a trip to the theater to see a movie that’s turning out to be a snooze-fest. If you’re not quite that daring, you can definitely get away with treating your partner to a hand job underneath a jacket that just happens to be draped across his lap.

                      11. The Woods

                        If you’re the outdoorsy type, there’s no place like the woods or the open country for some sex play. Turn a hike on a beautiful day into a double workout by taking a break to have sex in a clearing or against a conveniently positioned tree. Follow a blissful afternoon picnic with some slow, sensual lovemaking under the shade of an oak tree. Nature is already the perfect place to relax, unwind, and enjoy your partner’s company. Adding sex to the mix only makes the experience that much sweeter.

                        12. Your Childhood Bedroom

                          Spending the weekend or the holidays at home with your folks and wondering how you’re going to manage your sex life while you’re there? Sure, you can always sneak away and have sex in the car or rent a hotel room for the afternoon, but don’t miss out on how hot it can be to have sex in the same room where you grew up. Talk about enjoying that naughty feeling! Alternatively, you can take advantage of your folks being out of the house on their morning jog and have a quickie in their bedroom – another “forbidden” place that might be worth checking off of your sexual bucket list if the opportunity presents itself.

                          13. A Tent

                            Like cars, tents open the door to a lot of creatively naughty possibilities sexually speaking. They strike a great balance between having sex in a completely open space and having sex in private. They’ve got you covered should the mood strike while you’re camping, backpacking, or enjoying the hottest music festival of the summer. There’s no rule against having a back yard “campout” once in a while either, so don’t be afraid to explore the possibilities. Creativity is ultimately what it’s all about when it comes to keeping your sex life exciting, interesting, and – most importantly of all — red hot.