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Now that you know you want some type of vibrator, there are so many to choose. Below is a short description of each category of vibrators that we carry.

Rabbit Vibes - Rabbit Vibrators are a type of dual stimulation vibes. They stimulate internally and externally. If you were a 'Sex and the City' fan then you know that these type of sex toys were made famous by this television show. Rabbit Vibes get there name from the clitoral stimulator's ears or ticklers, they do resemble a set of rabbit ears.

Dual Action Vibes - Just like the Rabbit Vibes, these are great for both internal and external Stimulation. The only difference between this two sex toy types is that the Dual Action Vibes lack the ears or ticklers. They tend to have a rounded clitoral stimulator which adds more surface area to the stimulated area.

G-Spot Vibes - Yes, you guessed it, these are made to stimulate your infamous G-Spot. Almost all G-spot vibrators have a flattened head on them and are curved. These are also amazing vibrators to get the female to ejaculate, also know as 'Squirting'. G-Spot Vibes can also be used for external clitoral stimulation but cannot be used for both types of stimulation at the same time.

Realistic Vibes - These type of Vibrators do not need much explanation. If you are looking for a vibe that is closer looking to the real thing, I am talking about a penis, then this type of vibe is what you are looking for.

Clitoral Vibes - Clitoral stimulation is know to bring women to orgasm more than internal stimulation. These types of vibrators are for external use and are not meant to be inserted. The are designed to stimulate your clitoris. They come in a wide variety such as finger vibes, palm vibes and more. 

Massage Wands - Also know as body massagers, this type of sex toy was and is still being used a body massager, but one lucky woman had the crazy idea of using these as a vibrator. The wand have been made infamous by the Magic Wand and the Wonder 'O' Wand. They are used for external (clitoral stimulation) and can also be fitted with wand attachments that can be used internally.