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Castle Cares

Castle Cares About Our Community

Castle Megastore Group, Inc. is the nation’s leading retailer of adult merchandise. For over two decades, Castle has grown throughout the west coast with stores located in Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington and Alaska.

At Castle, we believe in giving back to our communities that have supported us in growing our business. We continuously support the Melonhead Foundation which facilitates the wellness for children dealing with cancer and their families by providing financial aid, educational resources, and support programs. In addition, we further support cancer awareness from sponsoring the American Cancer Society and Save the Tatas.

To further aid our community we are a part of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce as well as the Tempe Chamber of Commerce, the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, and the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce, to name a few, which enables us to promote and share through a free market and thriving community, and create economic prosperity amongst all Chamber members through advocacy, events and services.

In addition to our multiple contributions to charities, we offer sponsorship and donations for events and groups including sex positive conferences. Castle Megastore Group, Inc. actively promotes safe sex education and anti-teen pregnancy. Castle Inc. started the Healthy Loving Institute to offer free seminars presented by local Sex Educators and community-based Subject Matter Experts to advance the practices of safe sex and the celebration of romance and passion.

We also strongly support the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people’s community. For years, Castle has allied with the LGBTQA community by taking part and contributing in Pride week at all our store locations. Pride programs aid in promoting a positive image and self-confidence through community activities and services which we are proud to take part in.

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