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5 Fantastic Reasons to Schedule a Weekend Sex Marathon ASAP

5 Fantastic Reasons to Schedule a Weekend Sex Marathon ASAP

Posted at Aug 17, 2022 12:00 pm By Castle Megastore / Category:

Who says you need to get all the way out of town to enjoy a restorative romantic weekend with your significant other when you need one? You don’t have to have it in the budget to leave the country or even the city. A weekend spent naked and dialed into each other at home can be just as sexy and deliciously indulgent.

Do you like the idea of an all-weekend sex marathon but aren’t quite sure you can justify it with everything else you’ve got on your plate? Here’s a look at some of the most important reasons every couple should make such plans a regular part of their repertoire anyway.

1.      It’s amazing for your health

If there’s one thing the average adult doesn’t do anywhere near often enough, it’s make room in their busy life for self-care. Self-care is about more than getting enough sleep and treating yourself to some downtime once in a while. A healthy, active sex life should also be part of that equation.

Indulging in something like an all-weekend sex marathon will work wonders for your health. Sex boosts your immune system and minimizes the negative effects of stress. It’s fantastic for your emotional and mental health. And since sex is good exercise, it helps you stay fit, as well.

2.      It helps boost intimacy

Although it’s only natural for a couple’s sex life to slow down a little after they’ve been together a while, it’s essential to make sure it remains a priority. Sex is a crucial part of staying bonded as a couple, and making it the focus of an entire weekend once in a while is a great way to stay connected.

Weekend sex marathons are golden opportunities to really slow down and enjoy each other. Take the time to touch, kiss, and appreciate each other’s bodies. Alternate slow, sensual lovemaking sessions with passionate, vigorous quickies in unusual locations. See how many orgasms you can give each other. This is your chance to really treat yourselves sexually, so make the most of it.

3.      It’s a great way out of a sexual rut

If you and your partner occasionally experience dry spells or find yourselves stuck in sexual ruts, you’re not alone. So much about life has a way of expanding to fill all the available space – work, family, social responsibilities. Finding the time and energy to devote to sex already isn’t easy, and many couples wind up falling back on what they already know works.

A weekend sex marathon takes the “time and energy” excuse all the way off the table, leaving you plenty of room to experiment with new options you maybe only daydream about the rest of the time. Treat yourselves to a couple of new sex toys, and put them through their paces. Try roleplaying or light BDSM. Spend the downtime between your love sessions swapping fantasies or sharing intimate secrets. Be creative.

4.      It reboots the way you define the term “vacation”

Far too many people think that relaxing, unwinding, and catching up on one’s self-care routine requires packing a suitcase, booking a hotel, and arranging a trip out of town. However, while it’s great to change the scenery now and then, there are benefits to reframing how you think of downtime spent at home, as well.

Clearing your schedules and arranging for the kids to spend the weekend with their grandparents so you and your partner can enjoy an intimate naked weekend at home is a way to redefine what it means to take a break and take care of yourselves. It teaches you that a vacation can happen anytime and anywhere, even someplace as familiar as your home.

5.      It will make you feel young again

Remember how magical and all-encompassing sex used to seem when you were still in your teens and 20s? It was likely something you low-key thought about all the time, and the more of it you had, the better. You were certainly willing to embrace a few scheduling changes to have it more often, right?

Occasional weekend sex marathons can help you recapture some of that youthful spirit and energy. Really, it doesn’t matter how old you and your partner happen to be now. A dirty, sweaty, blissful couple of days spent naked and all wrapped up in each other will make you feel 16 again instantly. That feeling will stay with you as you transition back to everyday life in the week to come, too.

At the end of the day, weekends are best when they’re used to decompress from the stresses of the week and reconnect with the things that matter most to you. Sex should absolutely be one of those things, and a weekend sex marathon is a great way to make it happen. Try it and see! You’ll love the way it makes you feel.