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Fleshlight Girls - Adriana Chechik


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The sleeves in the specialty Fleshlight Girls line are made in partnership with these industry darlings, and are moulded from high-quality SuperSkin in realistic flesh-tone colours. Each custom-moulded Fleshlight Girls masturbation sleeve features a unique opening, created from a cast...

The sleeves in the specialty Fleshlight Girls line are made in partnership with these industry darlings, and are moulded from high-quality SuperSkin in realistic flesh-tone colours. Each custom-moulded Fleshlight Girls masturbation sleeve features a unique opening, created from a cast of the respective star's body, and is encased in the signature pearlescent white Fleshlight Girls case.

• This sleeve features a "Lady" opening, moulded from Adriana herself, and contains her signature Empress interior texture.
• All Fleshlights are made from the patented SuperSkin, a body-safe material designed to mimic the feel of real skin.
• With the proper care, your SuperSkin sleeve will look better and last longer.
• Be sure to use water based lubricants, as silicone and oil based formulas will damage your toy.
• Use an antibacterial toy cleaner and allow the sleeve to dry completely before storing.
• Finally, dust with renewal powder before storing to help keep the surface of your toy smooth and touchable.
• We also recommend warming your Fleshlight sleeve prior to use by removing the sleeve from its case and allowing it to soak in warm water until realistic temperature is achieved.
• Adjust the suction of your Fleshlight with a twist of the base cap for a personalized experience every time.

Performer Profile:
• The gorgeous Adriana Chechik, AVN’s 2017 Performer of the Year, definitely has what it takes to become a legend in the adult entertainment world.
• In addition to being a natural beauty, she is also comfortable in her skin – and what skin it is!

Though she got her start as a stripper in Florida, she quickly caught the attention of the adult film industry and rocketed to stardom.
• Still, in her 20s, this petite dynamo with seductive green eyes has used her enviable dancer’s body to express her no-holes-barred attitude toward sex in a number of adult movies since 2013.
• Her unique blend of English, Russian, and Serbian heritage has undoubtedly contributed to her gorgeous look.

In addition to her beauty and sex appeal, Adriana Chechik is known for getting "standing ovations" for her smoldering performances.
• And no matter who she's with or what kink she's exploring, she appears to have an insatiable sexual appetite.
• She has been quoted as saying: "The further in porn I get, the more fantasies I have."
• With an attitude like that, it is easy to understand why Adriana Chechik has fans of all sexual persuasions watching every XXX-rated move she makes and interacting with her via her social media accounts.
• It should also come as no surprise that fans who regularly watch her movies have made it known that they often fantasize about what it would be like to have sex with Adriana Chechik.
• These vocal fans of Adriana would gladly settle for the next best thing while they dream about having sex with her: an Adriana Chechik sex toy.
• Those of you who count yourself among those Adriana Chechik fans will be happy to know that the next best thing is here!

If you have been wanting to trade places with any of Adriana’s lucky co-stars, the Adriana Chechik pocket pussy will add some realism to your fantasies.
• No longer must your fantasies be confined to the most alluring scenes in Adriana Chechik movies.
• Now they can come to life.
• The come-hither stare that Adriana Chechik gives the camera and her co-stars has already proven to be powerful enough to bring men to instant arousal.
• Her seduction is so visceral that it can bring men to their knees from thousands of miles away.
• How much better could this experience be with the help of a sex toy that's modeled after the starlet's own body?

You may be wondering about this toy’s dimensions, sensation factor and overall level of realism.
• You may have purchased other toys in the past and felt as if they did not live up to their hype.
• If so, check this out.
• The Adriana Fleshlight is nine inches deep, which will you to engage in plenty of deep thrusting no matter how well-endowed you happen to be.

Yes, the length is good, but so are aesthetics.
• Every contour is carefully engineered, and every bit of the experience is optimized for maximum pleasure with each thrust.
• In short, this toy looks and feels just like the real thing, from the soft internal lining to the meticulously designed clitoral hood.
• It was designed to give you the sensation of being engulfed inside real, snug vaginal walls.
• Plus, you get to make the walls of the pocket pussy as slippery as you want them to be by way of your favorite lube or some of our own recommended ones.
• With the right amount of moisture, you can simulate the real-life sensation of turning her on with your movements.

The ultra-soft Adriana Chechik pocket pussy has lots of strategically placed ridges, rings and nubs that were designed to grip and massage you in all the right places while you enjoy the experience alone or with someone special.
• Additionally, you may decide to switch things up and only use the realistic outer lips to bring yourself and others to orgasm.
• There are lots of ways to have fun with this toy, and you're sure to never be bored.

The Adriana Chechik Fleshlight may seem like a man's toy, but a growing number of women are enjoying these realistic devices as well.
• Some women have said that they enjoy pleasuring themselves with Fleshlight toys by using them on their nipples and clitorises.
• Adriana Chechik’s "pussy" is extremely versatile.
• Not only is it great for people from all walks of life, but it's also a great tool for both solo stimulation and spicing up an existing relationship.

More than 10 million fans have given this toy rave reviews.
• Exactly what are they saying about the toy?
• Comments include descriptive phrases like "super tight," "great sensation," "fantastic orgasm" and short-and-to-the-point sentiments such as "feels great," "love it" and "worth it."
• These types of expressions are almost unanimous among users.
• It has been said that people lie but numbers don’t.
• Numbers are clearly speaking volumes about this enticing sex toy, so what are you waiting for?

Material: Superskin
Brand: Fleshlight
  • Overall Length: 10"
  • Canal Diameter: .5"
  • Insertable Length: 9 - 12"
Color: Light Skin Tone
  • Waterproof
  • Empress Interior Texture
  • Features A "Lady" Opening

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