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10 Expert Tips for Having Great Vacation Sex

10 Expert Tips for Having Great Vacation Sex

Posted at May 11, 2018 10:00 pm By Castle Megastore / Category:

Let’s face it. While there are lots of reasons you and your partner might be looking forward to your next couple’s getaway, the awesome vacation sex is probably a huge part of the equation. There’s something about physically getting away from it all for a few days that lets you decompress and let loose on a level you just can’t at home, especially sexually.

Even great vacation sex could always be better though. Here we’ll explore what makes vacation sex so darned amazing in the first place and let you in on some tips for making sure yours is the very best it can be. Some of the following ideas just might help you recreate that away-from-home feeling on an everyday basis as well.

1. Choose your destination with care

    Although you might be tempted to think anywhere that isn’t home makes a great place to run away to when getting busy is your primary focus, you still want to give some serious thought to your destination. Ambience and atmosphere matter to a much greater extent than you might think. If you’re planning a romantic getaway, go somewhere sexy that really puts you in the mood. (Think sexy island paradises and couple’s retreats, as opposed to Disney cruises and family-oriented resorts.)

    You’ll also want to do some homework beforehand as to what’s expected of couples at the location you’ll be visiting to avoid rules and restrictions that suck all the fun out of your trip. For instance, some parts of the world aren’t as supportive of same sex couples as you’d hope while homosexuality is actually illegal in others. Still more places really frown on PDA. Sex toys are actually illegal in countries like India and Saudi Arabia as well.

    2. Make sure to pack sexy

      If you’re preparing for a sexy trip, you want to make sure you feel sexy every second you’re away. That starts with clothing that makes you feel like walking sex personified from the minute you put it on, so mindful packing is an absolute must.

      Leave your sweats, your granny panties, and that oversized t-shirt you like to sleep in at home. Instead, pack only items that make you feel like the sultriest possible version of yourself. Think slinky dresses, chic separates, and luxurious wraps in pretty fabrics that make you feel beautiful! Naturally, your lingerie and sleepwear choices should be selected with sex in mind as well.

      3. Don’t forget to pack your gear

        While going completely au naturel is perfectly fine, a sex-centric getaway is the perfect excuse to break out your favorite special occasion equipment. That said, definitely pack your swimsuit, your sunblock, and your beach towel. Just make sure you also bring enough sexy gear to keep your imaginations running wild the entire time you’re away.

        Now that the warm weather is here, consider putting together a permanent vacation sex kit to enjoy all spring and summer long. Fill it with a combination of your old favorites, but make sure you include some new items you’ve both been dying to try as well. Luxurious massage oils, brand new couple’s sex toys, versatile vibrating bullets, and special lubes are just a few options to consider. Don’t forget to include romantic extras like bath oil, candles, chocolates, and other sensual treats as well.

        4. Understand there’s a fine art to joining the Mile High Club

          If you and your partner will be flying to your romantic destination, you just might decide you’re finally ready to join the Mile High Club if the mood hits you while still in transit. While that’s a perfectly awesome item to want to cross off of your sexual bucket list, make sure you handle yourselves with caution.

          If possible, wait until the lights are out for the night and the other passengers are asleep. You won’t have the time or the room for foreplay once you get to the restroom, so warm up first at your seats with a little whispered dirty talk or some discreet hand play underneath a blanket or jacket. When you’re ready, one person should head to the restroom first. A few minutes later, the second person should follow. Once you’re both in, enjoy a discreet quickie before returning to your seats one at a time.

          5. Look for opportunities to take things outdoors

            There’s something really primal about having sex outdoors, so we definitely recommend making the most of gorgeous weather and picturesque settings while you’re away. Keep the possibility of an impromptu sexy encounter in mind from the minute you arrive at your destination. You might be surprised at the number of opportunities you spot!

            Great picks include but are not limited to secluded or deserted parks and out of the way private bathrooms. Cars, boats, and even your own balcony (especially after sunset) are all great choices as well. You may want to steer clear of less hygienic scenarios that often sound better on paper than they play out in reality – like sex in the public pool or in the middle of a sandy beach.

            6. Change things up when it comes to the timing

              If you and your significant other are like most couples, you probably get it on the most often at night. That’s the point at which the day is done and nothing else is on the agenda, so it makes sense. Since that’s what you’re already both used to, that’s probably what you’ll default to while you’re away on vacation as well.

              While we’d definitely advise you to get it on any time of day the mood strikes, bedtime included, you might find that nighttime isn’t the best time to get down and dirty while you’re away. You’re probably going to be tired after full days spent sightseeing and partaking in activities. You’re also more likely to be drunk (if you do drink, that is). Try starting your day with a sweet, sensual tryst instead for a feel-good boost that will have you walking on air all day long.

              7. Do some things apart when and if it makes sense

                Travel doesn’t necessarily have to mean spending every waking second together, even if you’re away on a romantic getaway. Even the closest, most loving couples occasionally need a little personal space and this includes while vacationing. Plus, temporarily splitting up now and again can definitely be sexy in its own way.

                If you and your partner can’t agree on how to spend a given afternoon, agree to go your separate ways for the day. You can always keep in touch via text or instant message as a way to include one another or engage in a few flirty, foreplay-esque exchanges throughout the day. Then meet up for dinner later on to talk about your adventures, share photos with one another, and reconnect as a couple.

                8. Cross something off of your sexual bucket list

                  There’s no time like a vacation to embrace a completely new experience neither of you have ever had before, so give a little thought to some new ground you might like to explore before you go. Do this even if the two of you have amazing sex pretty much as a rule. The point of a vacation is to get away from it all and that should include any ruts or routines you might have fallen into in the bedroom.

                  What have you and your partner always wanted to try? Sex in public? How about roleplaying or BDSM? Maybe there’s a particular type of play you’ve always wanted to take for a spin, like anal or pegging. Agree on something that sounds equally awesome to both of you and treat yourself to some new toys or accessories to ensure an all-around awesome experience.

                  9. Get your adrenaline pumping

                    We definitely don’t have anything against spending some quiet days sightseeing or decompressing at the day spa, but don’t underestimate the sex factor of trying something more exhilarating as well. Activities that get your adrenaline rushing and your blood pumping are awesome for getting you primed and ready for a night of toe-curling lovemaking.

                    Many vacation destinations come complete with limitless opportunities to explore new activities, so be sure to take advantage. If options like skydiving or ziplining are totally your thing, definitely go for it, but a hike or an afternoon spent scuba diving can definitely do the trick as well. Think of it as a day of foreplay before the main event.

                    10. Check problems and stress at the door

                      No, going away on vacation doesn’t make ongoing relationship problems or stressful situations from home magically disappear. It can give you both a much-needed opportunity to decompress and gain some new perspective that can only help you once you’re back on home turf. That said, make a mutual agreement to stick a pin in whatever issues you have going on and not hash anything out while you’re away.

                      If you find a given conversation becoming heated anyway, stop what you’re doing immediately and take a quick break. Grab a coffee, a shower, a nap, or whatever else you might need. Sometimes that’s really all you need to get back to having fun and properly enjoying each other. Try it and see!