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10 Tips for Having Amazing Shower Sex

10 Tips for Having Amazing Shower Sex

Posted at Aug 21, 2019 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

You know what they say. If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well, right? Well, that’s no less the case with shower sex than anything else. If you’re serious about making your own real life experiences look (and feel) as hot as the ultra-steamy ones you drool over at the movies, it pays to know what you’re doing before you grab your partner and lather up.

That said, maybe you’ve yet to actually try shower sex and want to make sure you do it properly right from day one. Maybe shower sex has been part of your repertoire for a while now, but you want to know how you can make it that much better. Whatever the case may be, you’ve come to the right place. The following are a few must-know tips that can help you take your shower sex game from good to great effective immediately.

1. Make Sure There’s Something to Hold Onto

    If you’ve ever slipped in the shower before, then you already know hard, slippery surfaces are the very furthest thing from forgiving if you happen to lose your footing. Add thrusting, balancing, and the sheer heat of the moment to the mix as well and you’ve definitely got a recipe for disaster on your hands if you aren’t careful.

    That said, shower safety accessories like foot rests, shower chairs, or suction handles aren’t just for old people or folks that want to take the struggle out of intimate shaving. The extra help in the balance department can be a real game changer when it comes to successfully executing all your favorite moves.

    2. Non-Stick Tread Isn’t a Bad Idea Either

      Speaking of must-have safety accessories, you’ll also want to invest in some traction to help you keep your footing when things get hot and heavy. Think non-stick mats and textured appliques! We promise there are plenty of cute options out there on the market that won’t ruin the awesome style vibe you’ve currently got going in your bathroom.

      Consider getting some stick-on tread to add to the walls of your shower as well. It’s excellent for giving your back some traction if you prefer having sex standing up. It can also make it easier to safely position your feet or hands if the urge to get super creative strikes. No one needs to know what it’s really there for (unless you want them to).

      3. Invest in Some Shower-Safe Sex Toys

        As you may already be aware, sex toys are hardly just for solo use anymore. They’re also excellent ways to take sex play with your partner to the next level and beyond. Choose your toy options wisely and you can even take the good vibrations you’ve come to love so well straight into the shower with you.

        Most sex toy merchants carry an entire host of vibrators, dildos, and other options that are completely waterproof. Start with something versatile like a waterproof vibrating bullet or cock ring and take it from there. (Alternatively, you can try a waterproof vibrating dildo or masturbation sleeve equipped with a suction cup for those times you’re lathering up alone.)

        Be sure to check the seals on your waterproof toys regularly to ensure their continued integrity as well. Even the hardiest sex toys experience some wear and tear sooner or later.

        4. Choose the Right Lube

          When it comes to lubrication, water-based formulas are fantastic picks for standard bedroom play. Not only do they do the job, but they make clean-up super easy. They’re safe to use with all of your favorite sex toys as well. What they aren’t so great for is shower sex, as water quickly and easily washes them away.

          Consider investing in some silicone-based alternatives just for shower play instead, as they’ll hold up just fine during even lengthy play sessions. Just make sure the lube you choose is compatible with any sex toys you also want to use as well. Silicone formulas can damage or corrode toys also made of silicone or delicate materials like jelly.

          5. Don’t Count on Condoms For Birth Control

            Before you decide to get down and dirty with your partner in the shower, there’s something you should know about condoms. They’re not officially approved for use in such conditions, so you’ll want to think twice about counting on yours to protect you against unwanted pregnancy.

            Yes, you can definitely still use condoms in the shower. Just make sure you also have a backup method lined up that is effective against pregnancy even under wet and wild circumstances. Think the pill, IUDs, or the sponge!

            6. Don’t Feel the Need To Launch Straight Into Sex

              Great shower sex has a lot in common with great sex on dry land. Foreplay can really make or break your experience. Plus shower foreplay can be super-hot thanks to the additional sensations and options it brings to the table, so it’s well worth taking the time to enjoy it.

              Start by simply enjoying the shower experience together. Focus on the sensation of the hot water on your skin and the scent of the soap. Enjoy the feeling of your lover’s soapy body under your hands as you help them lather up as well. Things will naturally take a sexy turn all on their own before you know it. If you’re in a position to enjoy your sexy reflections in the bathroom mirror as you enjoy yourselves and each other, so much the better!

              7. Know Which Positions Work Best

                To be fair, there aren’t really any wrong positions to use in the shower. What works really well for one couple may not work at all for another, so it really depends on what’s comfortable and doable for the both of you. However, some positions are typically easier for beginners or less agile people to execute than others.

                If you’re concerned about trying to have sex standing up, try spreading a towel onto the floor of the shower before you get started. The towel makes standard positions like missionary or doggie style safely doable, as well as relatively comfortable for both people. If you do feel like giving upright sex a go, try it face to face while the receiving partner places one leg on a rest or higher up on the wall. Alternatively, the receiving partner can simply place both hands firmly on the wall, bend over, and let the other person enter from behind.

                8. Take Advantage of the Setting

                  If you secretly long to be more adventurous when it comes to sex but don’t always care for the “ick” factor that’s sometimes involved, you’re not alone. Lots of people hold back when it comes to otherwise appealing options because they’re worried about making a mess or staining their expensive new sheets. If that sounds like you and/or your partner, shower sex is for you.

                  Elements like hot running water and soap have a way of making everything feel clean and fresh no matter what you might be doing. Plus, since you’re already in the shower, you’re free to simply lose yourself in the moment instead of worrying about clean-up. For that reason, the shower is the ideal place to try options like anal play, period sex, or golden showers for the first time. It can make the idea of spontaneously giving your partner some much needed oral at the end of a long day seem much more appealing as well.

                  9. Don’t Be a Water Hog

                    If there’s one thing we all absolutely love about being in the shower, it’s the warm, relaxing feeling of hot water on our skin. Just don’t get so lost in that feeling that you forget you’ve got company this time around.

                    Whether you’re preparing to get down and dirty or just enjoying a standard shower together before bed, make sure you’re both getting adequate time under the running water. Otherwise one of you is bound to wind up cold, uncomfortable, and the very furthest thing from relaxed. A little consideration goes a long way, especially when you’re trying to turn someone on.

                    10. Give Yourself Permission Not to Like It

                      Sure, shower sex looks red hot when you see it on TV or on a movie screen. It can also be red hot in real life. It’s a great way to spice up your sex life without sacrificing your privacy or stepping too far out of your comfort zone right off the bat as well. However, it’s also totally OK if it just doesn’t do it for you despite your best efforts at giving it a chance.

                      At the end of the day, everyone’s different. Some people like anal play, or public sex, or kink. Others discover it’s just not for them and shower sex is no different. If you’re not really feeling it, it’s important to give yourself permission to just move on to something else. Sex should always be fun and feel good to those involved.