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5 Amazing Vibrators to Try with Your Partner

5 Amazing Vibrators to Try with Your Partner

Posted at Jul 22, 2020 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

You don’t have to be biologically female to benefit from a good vibrator. Powerful, targeted vibrations feel amazing to everyone, regardless of the equipment they’re packing downstairs. Bringing one into the bedroom with your partner is an incredible way to make things a little more exciting as well. Here are some extra-fun models that are an especially good fit for partnered play

1. Mighty Wand Glow in the Dark Mini

Wand massagers are among the most powerful, user-friendly vibrators out there and Mighty Wand is famous for making some of the best. Versatile, non-insertive shapes make them approachable and enjoyable for people who may be new to vibrators or to using one with a partner. They double as muscle massagers as well, so it’s easy enough to start with a soothing body massage and transition into sultrier territory later.

This mini version of the classic Mighty Wand is particularly ideal for couples. A small, compact, cordless design leaves your options wide open when it comes to how, where, and when you enjoy your fun together. Despite being very powerful, the motor is whisper-quiet, so you don’t have to worry about the noise giving you away. It even glows in the dark for an extra-fun touch.

2. Mighty Bullet with Remote

Looking for something even smaller and more discreet than a mini massager? A vibrating bullet is an excellent choice for lots of reasons. Bullets are just as powerful as larger vibrators, but there are few limits to how you can use them. Hold it in between the two of you while you make love, take turns teasing each other during foreplay, and more.

This option from Mighty Bullet brings even more to the table to get excited about when you’re serious about kicking things up a notch or two in the bedroom. It features Mighty Bullet’s trademark velvet-smooth finish, powerful motor, and wide range of vibration settings. However, it also happens to be remote-controlled for nights you’re feeling extra creative. It’s waterproof too, so feel free to try it in the tub or the shower!

3. NU Sensuelle Petite Vibrating Egg

New to vibrating eggs and unsure as to what they’re for? Think of them as elevated vibrating bullets. They’re compact enough to take on the go or integrate into lots of different play scenarios, but come with lots of graceful curves and contours that help them glide over any body surface you like.

This little vibrating egg from NU Sensuelle is extra smooth and perfectly sized for whatever type of play you like most. Take it for a spin on your own when you’re in the mood for sure, but don’t miss the chance to tease your partner to distraction with it the next time you get together. They’ll go wild for the 15-setting functionality and the handy compact remote it comes with! It works from up to 30 feet away, so don’t be afraid to put it through its paces.

4. Chorus by We-Vibe

If you’ve been playing with vibrators together for a while and are looking for something new to try, anything from the We-Vibe collection is a terrific pick. We-Vibe specializes in powerful, intuitive vibrators that are made especially for couples who’d like more from their shared experience with a vibrating toy.

The Chorus by We-Vibe is contoured to fit your most intimate curves and is ideal for stimulating the G-spot and the clitoris simultaneously. It can also easily be worn during intercourse, which you’ve simply got to try. It’s also compatible with We-Vibe’s handy smartphone app for even more terrific ways to play together. A must for any couple!

5. Pivot By We-Vibe

Speaking of handy, wearable vibrators, no toy-loving couple can consider their collection complete until it contains at least one high-quality vibrating cock ring. They’re simple but powerful, versatile but accessible. Plus, even the flashiest one with the most bells and whistles couldn’t be easier to take on the go thanks to the compact, discreet size. Many people even keep one in their purse, glove compartment, or overnight bag so they’re always prepared for a good time.

The Pivot by We-Vibe features 10 amazing vibration settings, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that there’s always one that’ll hit the spot. It’s waterproof and discreetly quiet so you can confidently take your play anywhere, even if it’s someplace risqué. It also helps him stay super-hard, as well as last longer.

Toys make wonderful additions to your sex life with your partner for so many reasons. They make it easier for both of you to fully enjoy yourselves, as well as bring some new sensations to the table. Plus, starting a sex toy collection and adding to it regularly helps bring you together, as well as give you new experiences to look forward to! Try it and see.