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7 Ways Your Life Changes When You’re Having Sex Daily

7 Ways Your Life Changes When You’re Having Sex Daily

Posted at Jul 1, 2020 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

Whether having sex daily is something you’ve seriously considered before or not, it’s only natural to be curious about it as a possibility. What would it change about your life or your relationship? Would it be the huge self-esteem booster it sounds like when other people talk about having sex every single day?

Of course, everyone’s sex drive is different and you don’t need to have sex every day for your intimate life to be amazing. Daily sex (with yourself or someone else) does make life a little different though (in a good way). The following are some great examples of how.

1.      It’s easier to stay in shape.

Since sex is so darned enjoyable, many people have trouble seeing it as exercise. That’s exactly what it is though and it comes attached to all the same benefits. According to the American Heart Association, sex is a moderately intense activity, putting it in the same category as climbing a couple of flights of stairs or taking a nice, brisk walk. That means it helps burn calories to the same degree, as well as potentially improves muscle tone and flexibility. Like all forms of physical activity, the more often you do it, the greater the benefits.

2.      You stop getting sick as often.

Having sex frequently, especially on an everyday basis, helps strengthen your body’s immune system. The more you have it, the stronger it makes your circulatory system. The better your circulation, the healthier and better nourished your entire system is. Your body becomes better at fighting infection and warding off disease as a result. When you do get sick, your illnesses will be less severe and you’ll recover a lot more quickly as well. What’s not to like about that?

3.      You become less likely to get cancer.

There’s a lot of research out there to suggest a strong link between frequent sexual activity and a significantly lower likelihood of eventually developing cancer. For a man, the act of ejaculating purges his prostate of toxins or bacteria, keeping it healthier overall and lowering his risk of getting prostate cancer. Studies have shown women who are frequently sexually active are similarly less likely to get breast cancer. The more sex you have, the lower your chances of getting these cancers become.

4.      Your relationship with your partner gets stronger.

Although many things go into how healthy a given relationship might be, sex is an important part of the equation. Having sex, especially to the point of orgasm, causes your body to produce several powerful feel-good hormones. One of these is oxytocin, which promotes emotional intimacy and bonding between people — exactly why you feel so darned warm and fuzzy toward your beloved just after getting it on. Don’t have a partner? Going solo still produces that awesome feel-good effect and supports a positive relationship with your body, so go ahead and indulge.

5.      You’ll be in a better mood more of the time.

All those endorphins aren’t just great for helping you feel closer to your partner. They’re major mood boosters as well. People do feel happier after having sex and doing it daily is a great way to experience fabulous moods a lot more of the time. It can help keep temporary depression at bay and make chronic depression a lot less debilitating. It stops the effects of stress from building up and trashing your mood as well.

6.      Your chances of aging well go way up.

Everyone hopes to age like a fine wine as the years roll by. Some of how you’ll age simply boils down to genetics, but your daily habits and choices are a big factor as well. Taking care of yourself from a physical standpoint is imperative and sex can help the cause. Having sex every day keeps you in shape and makes your skin look fantastic. Having plenty of orgasms on the regular keeps your pelvic floor strong as well, lowering your chances of grappling with age-related issues like urinary incontinence or organ prolapse.

7.      Your self-image goes through the roof.

At the end of the day, an active sex life makes you feel like a boss on many levels. Learning what you like in bed, as well as how to express that to a partner, builds confidence and improves communication skills. Developing the sexual prowess necessary to please someone else in bed is a major confidence booster as well. Plus, sex is great for building and maintaining a positive body image.

Of course, you should never feel pressured to have more sex than you truly want to, but know that there’s nothing wrong with having great quality sex and plenty of it. It does do a body good, so feel free to enjoy it!