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9 Phenomenal Places to Have Sex (That Aren’t the Bedroom)

9 Phenomenal Places to Have Sex (That Aren’t the Bedroom)

Posted at Nov 14, 2017 05:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

As you’re no doubt already aware, the bedroom is actually a pretty ideal place to have sex. To begin with, it’s a natural, comfortable place to be intimate. It offers you and your play partner plenty of privacy, so it’s a safe location to experiment or engage in any type of kinky fun you might be in the mood for.  It’s also the type of place that can get seriously old and predictable if you never do it anywhere else.

If that’s the way you’ve been feeling about things lately, you’ve come to the right place. The following are just a few alternative places to consider getting frisky with your one and only the next time you want to mix things up a little. Some of them are potentially as private as your bedroom while others are a little more risqué, so there’s bound to be an option on the list that’s right for you. Explore the possibilities today!

1. The Shower

The shower is a classic place when it comes to having sex outside of the bedroom for a number of really good reasons. It’s not the bedroom, but it still offers plenty of privacy — perfect if you have children, house guests, or roommates to worry about. Since bathing is at least part of the reason you’re in there, clean-up becomes an absolute breeze. Everything from the smell of the soap to the feeling of your partner’s body gliding over yours seriously adds to the experience as well.

That said, if you’ve never had sex in the shower or the bathtub, it makes a great first choice when it comes to experimenting with new locations for all the reasons listed above. If it’s already a regular stop on your rotation, try adding a little additional oomph to your shower play sessions with a new sex toy or two. Think waterproof versions of favorites like vibrators, dildos, and anal plugs! Water-safe toys make for great ways to enjoy a little solo action in the shower or tub as well.

2. The Car

Here we have another terrific place for those that want to experiment with public sex, but aren’t quite ready to go all out yet. Embracing car sex opens your options way up when it comes to being spontaneous in particular. Take a break during a long road trip by pulling over for a quickie or get a little frisky in the parking lot after a romantic dinner if the mood strikes! Car sex can bring back pleasant memories of being young in high school or college for a lot of us as well.

Car sex doesn’t always have to be raunchy, hurried, or naughty though (unless that’s what you’re in the mood for). Try packing some blankets, driving out to an open field or any other secluded location, and enjoying an impromptu evening together that involves stargazing or snuggling after your intimate encounter. Perfect for any time you need to plan a romantic evening on a shoestring budget!

3. The Woods

Sure, sex on the beach can be fantastic in its own way. However, the issue of sand alone can be a serious mood killer that makes it sound better on paper than it really is in reality. The woods, on the other hand, make for a wonderful alternative place to have sex that will also satisfy your need for a totally primal experience once in a while.

Plenty of fresh air, truly spectacular views, and the thrill of indulging your inner exhibitionist all combine to make any experience red hot. Plus, it’s up to you as far as how risqué things actually get. You can go for something brief against a tree in the middle of an afternoon spent hiking or plan a more private encounter that involves a scheduled camping trip and the shelter of a tent. Better yet, try both!

4. At the Office

Naturally, not every workplace comes equipped with enough privacy to enjoy the occasional quickie during your shift. However, if yours does and you’re up for the risk, you might want to consider giving it a try. It’s the serious taboo factor that makes it so hot, after all.

There are plenty of ways to play things safer if you’re not willing to jeopardize your job over a quickie though. Try engaging in an all-day sexting session with your beloved instead so that you’re primed and ready by the time you get home later. Ultra-discreet sex toys that resemble everyday objects like lipstick or mascara can simplify seizing opportunities to blow off a little extra steam if the mood strikes as well.

5. At a Party

The feasibility factor of this one depends a lot on the situation, as well as on who else is around. However, it’s also a quick ticket to some seriously red hot action if you’re able to safely sneak away unnoticed. (If you’re at the type of party where such behavior is welcomed and encouraged, so much the better!)

Try grabbing your lover’s hand and going in search of an empty room, a dark corner of the garden, or even your car if you spot a golden opportunity. If you’re the hosts, you can always consider having a quickie on the kitchen floor or the sofa just minutes before your guests arrive. It’ll give you something delicious to think about as you catch each other’s eyes throughout the evening to come, not to mention put you in a great mood for entertaining!

6. In a Fitting Room

Although this is probably one of the riskier places on this list, it’s definitely one you might want to consider if you’re all about adventurous sex. Many stores leave fitting rooms completely unattended during the day, as they see little to no traffic, so it’s often not hard to sneak in a quick one if the mood strikes.

Naturally, the fitting room situation can vary a lot from location to location though, so it’s probably not a bad idea to do a little light homework first. The next couple of times you go out shopping, pay close attention to which shops have the most private dressing areas with the least traffic. Keep the information you glean in mind for the next time you’re out window shopping with your partner and feel in the mood for a quickie.

7. A Cheap Motel Room

Some motels just seem made for naughty encounters of all types and if you’ve been to one, you probably remember the experience well. Maybe you got the impression that the staff or the other guests totally knew what was up. Maybe you were there for a clandestine encounter of your own and overheard other couples going at it through the paper thin walls. Whatever the case may have been, it was probably hard not to feel equal parts scandalized and deliciously sleazy.

There’s no law that says scoring a cheap motel room expressly for the purpose of getting busy has to stop because you and your current partner aren’t hard up for opportunities to be together. Try doing exactly that just for a change of pace or as part of a roleplay scenario you’ve been wanting to explore. It might be just what the two of you needed when it comes to letting lose, getting wild, and really blowing off some steam!

8. A Not-So-Cheap Hotel Room

Of course, the other end of the spectrum has a lot to offer as well when it comes to having the best sex of your life. Luxury in and of itself can be pretty sexy. Plus, there’s nothing like a really posh location to help you relax, unwind, and really get away from it all. That said, you may want to consider planning your next vacation specifically with romance in mind.

Book a stay at luxury spa or a five-star hotel complete with all the trimmings. Think Jacuzzis, beautiful views, and seriously excellent room service! Shop for some sexy lingerie, some new toys, or a delicious-sounding new lube you’d like to try together beforehand. Then put it to good use as you lose yourself in one another for a few days.

9. The Stairs

Last but definitely not least, you’ll want to start looking at stairs in a new light if you’re in search of new and exciting places to have sex. The height variations work wonders when it comes to making certain positions easier (or possible in the first place). This is especially the case if one of you is much taller than the other.

Any set of stairs is worth exploring, so it’s totally up to you how risqué you want to be. Keep things safe and private by putting the ones at home to good use or give in to the urge to be naughty on a public flight of stairs some night soon. Great things happen when you allow yourself to be creative about your sex life, so let your imagination run wild!