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9 Must-Know Secrets for Getting the Most Out of a Romantic Getaway

9 Must-Know Secrets for Getting the Most Out of a Romantic Getaway

Posted at Sep 29, 2017 05:30 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

Whether you’re getting ready to celebrate an extra-special anniversary or simply hoping to plan one last weekend away before the holiday season gets here, it only makes sense that you really want to make your next romantic getaway count. However, all the planning and coordinating any sort of travel requires can mean romance falls by the wayside whether you want it to or not.

Thankfully, a little more planning goes a long way when it comes to making a romantic getaway one to remember. (A willingness to seek out and seize every opportunity to connect certainly doesn’t hurt either!) Here we’ll go over some of the best ways you can make sure your time away has all the sexy sizzle you could possibly hope for. Which ideas have your attention?

  1. Pack with “sexy” in mind

If you’re going somewhere specifically to connect sexually with your partner, definitely pack outfits that show off your assets in their best light or that you know for a fact your partner likes to see you in. Do the same when it comes to your make-up and your accessories. Looking like a million sexy bucks is the best way to feel sexy as well, so no old sweats or stained t-shirts allowed.

It never hurts to treat yourself to a mini shopping trip before you go either. Pick out some sexy new underwear and treat your beloved to a pleasant surprise the first time they peel your clothes off to get busy. Some slinky new sleepwear makes for a sexy way to show you really mean business when it’s time to turn in for the night as well.

  1. Go the extra mile in the grooming department

Sure, in a perfect world, we’d never go too long in between waxing sessions or hair appointments, but sometimes “real life” gets in the way despite our best efforts. We sometimes have to cancel appointments or put things off because we need to work late or care for a sick child. Before we know it, it kind of becomes a habit whether we’re OK with it or not.

A romantic getaway with your beloved should be seen as your chance to put love, sex, and romance first for a change. That means getting all spruced up in the grooming department before you go. Make some time to get a little landscaping done that totally reflects your partner’s tastes. Pack that super sexy lotion, body oil, or perfume and make it a point to reapply it often. Don’t forget to pack your grooming kit or a fresh razor so you can maintain the view while you’re away!

  1. Leave the tough topics at home

We absolutely get it. You’ve finally got some time to talk among yourselves like adults without the kids or the office getting in the way, so it might be tempting to hash out a few things you never get a chance to really discuss in depth. However, this is one of the quickest ways to put a damper on the whole romantic vibe you’re trying to cultivate. Plus, nothing puts a damper on an otherwise wonderful vacation away quite like a blowout argument on the first day.

Do yourselves a favor and leave the tough topics at home with all the rest of your everyday responsibilities. Otherwise it’s too easy for a simple conversation to either cause a fight or set a tone of tension that will potentially spoil the entire trip.

  1. Try something new in the bedroom

If there’s one thing we can all agree on as far as what’s fantastic about vacations, it’s definitely the way life doesn’t quite feel like reality when we’re away from everything we know. If there’s a better excuse to experiment a little bit more in the bedroom, we can’t think of one! Is there anything you and your partner have talked about trying sexually, but haven’t yet? Take the initiative and make it happen.

Has your partner mentioned pet fantasies that involved role playing or light BDSM in the past? Shop for and pack a sexy costume, choose a couple of fun props for good measure, and make that fantasy come true. Have you talked about experimenting with sex toys, but haven’t gotten around to choosing something to try yet? Set aside some time to pick out something special together before you leave or else you can surprise your partner if you prefer. It’s hard to go wrong with a couple’s vibrator that can be worn while the two of you get down and dirty or a starter kit that allows for numerous possibilities.

  1. Get busy somewhere you might get caught

Planning ahead is great for before you leave in order to make sure you get the absolute most out of your trip. Once you get there though, it’s a lot better to embrace spontaneity, especially when it comes to sex. If the mood happens to hit you, definitely go with it if at all possible.

Feeling a little randy in the car on the way to your dinner reservation? Give in to the impulse and pull over for a quickie. Hanging out on your balcony, in the hot tub, or even at a sightseeing destination?  Definitely seize the moment and go for the gold. The passion and urgency that rises to the surface when there’s at least a chance you could be interrupted is really too good to be missed.

You can even bring your favorite discreet sex toys into the mix if you’re so inclined. Try dropping a small waterproof bullet vibe into your purse before you leave your hotel room “just in case” you get an opportunity to play. These days, there are even ultra-discreet vibes on the market that look exactly like ordinary lipsticks or mascara tubes. Take advantage of them!

  1. Seize every opportunity to take it all off

There’s just something so freeing and sexy about being naked. A romantic weekend away from home should come attached to plenty of opportunities to enjoy that feeling too. That said, consider deciding that when and where clothing isn’t necessary, you’re not going to wear it at all. Think downtime spent alone in your hotel room or an afternoon on a private beach!

The constant sight of your lover’s naked body, especially in contexts you don’t always associate with being naked, can’t help but stoke the fires of passion. Plus, spending more time naked yourself is a great way to instantly feel more daring, bold, and adventurous. Strip down and see what happens!

  1. Share as many showers as possible

Bathing together is an activity that can’t help but foster intimacy no matter where you are. However, roommates, kids, or extended family members perpetually in the vicinity can sometimes mean you don’t have as many opportunities to get steamy together as you’d otherwise like. Again, a romantic getaway is the time to make the most of a golden opportunity whether you’re getting ready to start the day or just rinsing off after a day in the pool.

Consider bringing along a body wash or some bubble bath in a super sexy scent instead of settling for those generic hotel soaps no one really likes. Then treat your lover to a sexy soap-down when it’s shower time and invite them to return the favor. Fun, sexy touches like waterproof sex toys or sensual massage oils to experiment with after you bathe are great ideas as well.

  1. Don’t go out to eat for every meal

Yes, you should definitely make it a point to try that seafood restaurant that got rave reviews if you’re so inclined, but don’t underestimate the potential of the occasional dinner in. Plan at least one or two nights where you order room service or bring food back to your room to enjoy.

Light some candles and make your way through your meal course by course. Try ordering some exotic menu choices to try or some known aphrodisiacs like oysters, chocolate, or strawberries. Take turns feeding each other and of course wash everything down with plenty of your favorite wine. Just go with the flow and enjoy one another’s company.

  1. Go out of your way to do something you know your partner will love

Lots of relationship experts buy into the validity of the five love languages – acts of service, touch, quality time, gifts, and words of affirmation. You most likely know by now which of those five is your partner’s language that makes them feel most loved. Go out of your way to do something special for them while you’re away that fits that language.

Do they love nothing more than a thoughtful gift freely given? Surprise them with tickets to a show they really want to see or a romantic souvenir to take home with them. Are they all about physical touch? Definitely make it a point to treat them to at least one lingering massage while you’re there. You get the idea. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild and get creative!