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Modern-Day Sexual Pleasure: What Does Normal Look Like?

Modern-Day Sexual Pleasure: What Does Normal Look Like?

Posted at Feb 22, 2023 11:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

Global toy giant Tenga is more than just one of the biggest names in adult pleasure today. They’re also on a mission to get a worldwide conversation about pleasure going, the better to put remaining stigma to bed and help people more fully embrace their unique sexualities.

That said, they’re also the brand behind the annual Tenga Self-Pleasure Report, the incredible results of a global study that includes multiple thousands of people all over the world. Here’s a sample of some of the most interesting insights revealed by their 2020 report.

Most people learned what they know about sex online

Standardized sex education may not be available in every school. Still, millions of people did receive some form of it while they were young, potentially also at home. But most people also admit that they didn’t retain much of what they learned. Instead, they say they learned the bulk of what they know about sex from the internet.

They’re not learning strictly from porn, either. People of all sexualities and genders also read how-to content on sex blogs, participate in discussions about sex online, and more.

It’s a fact that most people do masturbate

Not everyone masturbates every day or even a lot, but most people engage in self-pleasure on a regular basis. And this is the case whether or not they’re in a sexual relationship with another person. Also, while men are more likely to admit to masturbating often, women are more likely to admit that they do it when in a relationship.

But while both men and women (of all sexual orientations) reported masturbating whether they were in a relationship or not, there are differences in how men and women approach solo pleasure. Men are the most likely to masturbate to porn or other adult content, women are the most likely to get off while reflecting on memories or otherwise using their imagination.

Fewer people have really strong beliefs about masturbation than you’d think

Even if their own beliefs are fairly middle-of-the-road, most people still tend to assume other people hold very strong moral stances on topics like masturbation or sex toys – especially when it comes to those who might be against them. But this is truly not the case.

While there are people out there who are strongly pro-masturbation or pro-sex toy and see these as things every person should explore, those who choose not to partake aren’t going that route for moral reasons. They simply don’t feel these are elements they need in their lives, and they don’t concern themselves with what other people do or do not do.

You might be surprised by who’s really using sex toys the most

Even in the 2020s, people still tend to think of sex toys as items that are primarily for heterosexual single women. But while those women are definitely into their vibrators and other sex toys, they’re far from the only ones.

Women are more likely to be open about using sex toys in the first place but make no mistake about it. Men are using them, too, both with their partners and on their own as a way of enhancing their solo sex lives. And those who use them tend to indulge more frequently than their female counterparts.

Sex isn’t necessarily the top taboo topic people wish they could discuss with others

Although some people prefer to keep every aspect of their private lives strictly private, there will always be those who at least occasionally enjoy commiserating with others about certain topics. And yes, many people do like to talk openly about sex and consider it important to be able to do so, but it’s not their number one choice in that regard.

More people would actually rather talk about mental health issues, which are still considered too taboo for comfort in many circles. Money is also at the top of the list, as many people find the taboo surrounding the topic to be unnecessary and outdated.

Masturbation got people through pandemic quarantines in one piece

During the COVID lockdowns of 2020, people did what they had to in order to cope with being cooped up at home so much. Unfortunately, most of those coping mechanisms were unhealthy things like alcohol, drugs, and overeating. But on the other side of the equation, there was masturbation.

About two out of every five Americans said they masturbated significantly more than usual while under quarantine, especially if they were in relationships but unable to physically be with their partners. And roughly half of those in the study reported using a sex toy, with men turning out to have been especially likely to have purchased one specifically for use during lockdowns.

So, as you can see, you’re far from the only one who loves indulging in self-pleasure, Thousands around the world are right there with you.