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5 Ways Masturbation Makes You Better in Bed

5 Ways Masturbation Makes You Better in Bed

Posted at Mar 29, 2023 10:30 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

Pretty much everyone masturbates, whether they’re open about it or not, and with good reason. Masturbation is a normal, natural, often fun part of being a human being. So why are there still so many jokes out there that poke fun at masturbation as something only lonely people who can’t attract partners are into?

The fact of the matter is those jokes are as out of date as last month’s milk. In a day and age when it’s a lot cooler to be sexually empowered than otherwise, more people are finding out that masturbation is more than just a great way to keep sexual frustration at bay. It’s one of the most effective ways to become better at sex, in general, as well.

1.      Masturbation can reframe the way you approach relationships.

The state of the rest of your relationship has more to do with the quality of your sex life with your partner than you might realize. Intimacy outside of the bedroom translates to intimacy inside it, as well, and vice versa. That said, a person’s comfort with their own sexuality can definitely affect their approach to relationships.

Masturbating frequently can help people develop that comfort. And applying what they learn in the bedroom with their partners can help teach them that sexual satisfaction doesn’t boil down to an equation that works the same way for everyone. Everyone is different as far as what makes them feel like a priority to their partner, both in and out of the bedroom.

2.      Masturbation helps you develop a better relationship with yourself.

And a person who’s comfortable exploring how their body responds to different kinds of stimulation is a person who’s self-aware. Self-aware people tend to be a lot better than average at understanding and accepting other people for who they are, as well.

They’re also a lot better at communicating, and communication is truly the key to an incredible sex life. People who know what their bodies respond to in the first place are people who have better sex overall, both on their own and with a partner. A genuine love for sex is infectious, so it’s unsurprising that people who have it naturally help others develop it, as well.

3.      Masturbation keeps you healthy, inside and out.

Since sex – solo or otherwise – is so much fun, many people forget that it’s also exercise. And exercise of any kind is incredibly good for you on every level. Having enough of it, especially if it’s challenging and creative enough, helps you develop strength, stamina, and flexibility. It helps you burn calories, as well, so it’s a great way to keep your weight in check.

Sex is mentally and emotionally good for you, too. It releases endorphins and other hormones that help regulate moods and promote an overall sense of emotional well-being. And anything that helps you connect with and embrace your authentic self is extremely good for your self-image.

4.      Masturbation can help keep you sexually creative.

Masturbation is definitely enjoyable in its own right, but it can also serve as an effective way to discover new techniques that translate well into sex with a partner. Many people who embrace self-pleasure see it as more than just a convenient way to scratch a familiar itch. It’s also an opportunity to satisfy their curiosity about different sex toys, sensations, or techniques.

That said, anyone who’s ever been in a long-term relationship knows that it takes effort to keep things sexually interesting over the long haul. But staying creative when it comes to exploring new turn-ons, fantasies, and ways to experience pleasure on your own can ensure that things stay interesting between you and your partner, as well.

5.      Masturbation can be seriously empowering.

Conservative upbringings and social norms that dictate a person should be bashful about sex can easily add up to internalized shame over one’s sexuality and sexual preferences. That can make it hard to talk about sex with a partner, ask for what you want in the bedroom, or encourage another person to ask for what they want.

It can also wrongly lead a person to believe that their sexual satisfaction is (and should be) in their partner’s hands instead of their own. However, masturbation helps empower people by teaching them to take control of and responsibility for their own pleasure. The day that happens for you is the day the magic really begins for the rest of your sex life, in general.

Ultimately, masturbation normal and natural. It’s also highly beneficial for all people, including those who are in relationships or who otherwise enjoy having frequent sex with other people. Don’t be afraid to explore it to the fullest and let it become the rich, fulfilling experience that it could be for you and your partner alike.