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How to Choose the Right Male Masturbation Sleeve for You

How to Choose the Right Male Masturbation Sleeve for You

Posted at Jun 19, 2017 04:00 pm By Castle Megastore / Category:

We’re living in a pretty sex-positive society these days, so it’s not surprising that sex toys seem to be absolutely everywhere. You see them on TV and in the movies. People are talking openly about them both online and offline. Folks finally seem to be realizing masturbation doesn’t have to be something dirty or shameful you pretend you don’t do. In fact, a healthy solo sex life is widely considered a great way for men and women alike to get to know their bodies and become better at partnered sex in the process.

As a result, sex toys aren’t considered “just for women” anymore. Options like male masturbation sleeves are becoming increasingly popular as well. However, knowing you’re interested in taking your own solo play sessions to the next level with a sleeve of your own is one thing. Actually understanding which of the many options out there on the market would be right for you is another. Here we’ll take a closer look at everything you need to know and consider when making your decision.

  1. Choose an orifice

If you’re unfamiliar with the wide, wonderful world of masturbation sleeves, it’s probably tempting to assume there isn’t much difference between one toy and another as far as the opening is concerned. In actuality, there are masturbation sleeves that can mimic any type of experience you’d like to enjoy.

Many sleeves are designed to look and feel like vaginal openings, of course. Others are specially created to mimic the sensations associated with oral sex or anal sex. Still more sleeves are created to feel extra tight. For men that honestly prefer a sleeve that’s purely functional, there are options that are completely neutral as well. Because of the sheer number of choices out there, lots of men enjoy changing things up and maintain collections filled with lots of different sleeves.

  1. Choose your material

As is the case with any type of sex toy, male masturbation sleeves come in many different materials. As all of your options are going to be designed specifically for male pleasure, they’re all going to be stretchy and soft to one degree or another. However, each still has its own unique benefits and drawbacks.

Take jelly sleeves, for instance. Jellies are certainly stretchy enough to get the job done in the pleasure department. They’re also very affordable, making them a great choice for men on a budget or that want to make sure sleeves are right for them before making a larger investment. However, some men dislike the texture and odor such materials sometimes have.

If that turns out to be the case for you, TPR or TPE might be a good alternative, as they’re odorless. (They’re also a bit more expensive.) You’ll also find that lots of sleeves are made from silicone. Just keep in mind that silicone doesn’t have as much stretch or give as other options might. This can make finding the perfect fit more of a challenge, especially if you’re a bigger guy. Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit and try different materials on for size until you find one you like.

  1. Figure out which sleeve size is right for you

Speaking of finding the perfect fit, sleeve size is also something you’ll want to consider when picking one out for the first time. Every penis (and every man, for that matter) is unique, so you’ll find you have many choices as far as different widths and lengths go. The average sleeve is designed for the average guy, so if you’ve consistently been given reason to believe you’re smaller or larger than average, keep that in mind as you shop.

Most sleeves are going to consist of a tube with a larger opening on the entry end and a smaller opening in the opposite end. All tubes are going to be made to stretch at least somewhat – some up to three inches — so as to accommodate men of various sizes. Just know that the dimensions listed on the packaging or in the product description describe the product in its inactive state, so don’t rule out an option you’re super interested in just because it sounds a little tight on paper.

  1. Know that length is important too

You should also keep in mind that while sleeves can stretch considerably girth-wise, they’re not designed to stretch as much length-wise. Many men don’t necessarily find it unpleasant to slide all the way through the sleeve, but if you’re a larger man that wants to be able to sink fully into your sleeve of choice, you might want to shop sleeves made especially for well-endowed builds.

Men that know they’re shorter than average may want to remain aware that the textures toward the ends of most sleeves are often especially intense, making a shorter sleeve well worth considering. Don’t stress too much about penis size as a rule though. Just understand that taking an extra second or two to consider yours can ensure you get the absolute most out of whatever toy you select.

  1. Decide whether or not vibrations sounds pleasant to you

Many male masturbation sleeves are pretty straightforward and consist of just the sleeve. However, some come with a few more bells and whistles that can be very pleasant. For instance, many men really find vibration really enhances the sleeve experience for them, so that might be something to consider if you’ve tried and liked other toys like vibrating cock rings.

Are you the type of guy that might want to try a vibrating sleeve, but doesn’t necessarily want to add vibration every single time? Look for a masturbation sleeve that features multiple settings or includes a vibrating bullet that can simply be removed if you’re in the mood for a more old-fashioned experience.

  1. Consider the suction options associated with a given sleeve

After you’ve spent some time window shopping, so to speak, you’ll also realize that male masturbation sleeves can come with different suction choices. As touched on above, lots of sleeves are open-ended to make cleaning after use a little bit more convenient. However, an open ended sleeve can’t really provide the same degree of pressure and suction a closed sleeve can

For some men, that’s not a problem in the least. However, other men really do like that tighter, more realistic feeling and consider it worth having clean-up be a bit more involved. If you’re not willing to choose between the two, you can consider springing for a luxury item that allows for even more options. For instance, lots of Fleshlight products allow users to finetune the amount of suction via a removable or adjustable end cap. Again, there’s no right or wrong option. Just choose whatever makes the most sense for you.

  1. Know that there are extras to consider as well

Aside from the practical logistics of how a particular sleeve is going to feel and how easy it’s going to be to clean and maintain, there are additional criteria to consider that may or may not add value to your purchase. For instance, you’ll find there are masturbation sleeves out there that are modeled after specific adult film stars or celebrities. If you’ve got a thing for anyone in particular, such items could be great ways to help bring your personal fantasies to life.

Some masturbation sleeves also come as part of a kit designed specifically for someone interested in building a sex toy collection or in getting as much value as is humanly possible out of whatever toy they do ultimately purchase. Such kits might include adult DVDs, lubes, shower mounts, or special cleaning supplies.

Getting the Most Out of Your Masturbation Sleeve

Choosing the right male masturbation sleeve is only the tip of the iceberg. You’ll also want to make sure you get as much out of your purchase as possible. Keep the following tips in mind.

  • Make sure you keep your sleeve meticulously clean. Not only is this essential for hygiene purposes, but it will help preserve the integrity and function of your toy. Always wash your toys thoroughly after every use.
  • Don’t use just any old lubricant with your sleeve. The wrong ones can actually ruin your toy, so make sure you’re selecting water-safe options that are safe for use with all toys or buying special lubes designed especially for use with masturbation sleeves.
  • You can extend the life of your toy even further by purchasing products designed especially for masturbation sleeves. For instance, many sleeve manufacturers also sell special powders that help maintain the look, feel, and function of sleeve materials.
  • You don’t have to keep your sleeve to yourself. Bringing sex toys into the bedroom during playtime can be a wonderful way to bond with a partner and add variety to your sex life and sleeves are no exception.

At the end of the day, toys like masturbation sleeves can bring a lot to the table when it comes to both solo sex and partnered play. Explore the possibilities today!