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Category: Masturbation sleeves

16 Oct

4 Next Level Sex Toys That Belong in Every Man’s Toy Chest

Posted at Oct 16, 2019 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

If you still think sex toys are strictly for women, it’s officially time to think again. Men who use sex toys get to reap all of the same benefits women enjoy. They consistently report higher levels of sexual satisfaction and better overall sexual function. They’re also more likely to take proper care of their ongoing sexual health.

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24 Apr

The Beginner’s Guide to Male Sex Toys

Posted at Apr 24, 2019 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

Haven’t you heard? Sex toys aren’t just for women anymore and haven’t been for some time now. A man’s body responds just as well to various types of stimulation as a woman’s does. Plus, sex toys make wonderful ways to add variety, nuance, and additional enjoyment whether you’re indulging in a solo session or having sex with a partner.
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