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4 Next Level Sex Toys That Belong in Every Man’s Toy Chest

4 Next Level Sex Toys That Belong in Every Man’s Toy Chest

Posted at Oct 16, 2019 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

If you still think sex toys are strictly for women, it’s officially time to think again. Not only do men love the new sensations the right sex toys can bring to the table, but they’re becoming increasingly comfortable with openly using them as well. Top toy manufacturers are not only catching on, but eagerly filling the rising demand for male sex toys with some incredible options.

What’s more, men who use sex toys get to reap all of the same benefits women enjoy. They consistently report higher levels of sexual satisfaction and better overall sexual function. They’re more likely to take proper care of their ongoing sexual health. They’re more likely to be passionate, skilled, and attentive lovers as well. Ready to get on board with the movement? Get started by taking one of the following options for a spin. 

1. NU Sensuelle Homme Pro Massager

    Any man who’s serious about unlocking his body’s full sexual potential really owes it to himself to explore prostate massage to the fullest. Of course, prostate (or P-spot) stimulation is something you can attempt to do on your own or with a partner’s help, but the right massager really takes the guesswork out of the equation so you can focus on simply enjoying the sensations.

    The Homme Pro Massager from NU Sensuelle is the king of vibrating prostate massagers. Not only is it designed by experts to perfectly locate and stimulate your prostate to perfection, but it’s enhanced even further by exquisite texturing and powerful vibrations. Choose from among three different speeds and ten toe-curling vibration patterns, each more intense than the last. 

    2. Ojoy Oak Plus Pleasure Ring

      If you’re new to the big, wonderful world of male sex toys and feel a little intimidated by the sheer amount of choices out there, a good cock ring is always a good item to start with. Cock rings are user-friendly and easy to operate. They also lend themselves well to both partnered play and solo sessions, so you can experiment to your heart’s content.

      The Oak Plus Pleasure Ring from Ojoy definitely takes the idea of a cock ring to the next level. To begin with, it vibrates. Not only will the vibrations feel amazing to the wearer, but they’ll help his partner with their own happy ending as well. Plus, the Oak is waterproof. That means it can be enjoyed to the fullest absolutely anywhere, including the shower or the pool. You’ll love the way it gives you the hardest erections and the most powerful orgasms as well. 

      3. Lovense Max 2 Masturbator

        If you’ve only heard of one type of sex toy before, it’s likely the highly popular Fleshlight-style masturbators and with good reason. Masturbators treat the user to the best of both worlds. Using one is similar to the self-service hand jobs you might be used to, but it feels much better – almost as good as a real love session with a partner if you choose the right toy and are willing to make a bit of an investment in your experience.

        The Max 2 Masturbator from Lovense is definitely a pick you can’t go wrong with if you’re truly looking for the absolute ultimate in male masturbators. It’s got the same irresistible, lifelike design complete with all the texturing and thoughtful visual touches that add to your experience. However, it’s also equipped with a positively magical air pumping function, so you’re treated to a tight custom fit each and every time you use it. You can control it via a handy smartphone app as well.

        4. Husky Built Ball Bag

          Do you really enjoy the stimulating feeling of having your balls tugged, pulled, squeezed, or stretched? You’re definitely not alone. Ball stretching is absolutely a thing, and you can bet that there’s an entire subsection of male sex toys dedicated to helping you explore the unique sensation you love so much to the absolute fullest. A ball bag is a great option to start with, as it also adds a little weight to the mix.

          This hypoallergenic ball bag from the toy masters at Husky Built is made of pure medical grade silicone for an amazing experience that won’t irritate your skin or be hard to take care of. It’s also incredibly easy to use, not to mention versatile. Just slip it over your balls and thrill to the way it makes literally everything from a standard masturbation session to hot and heavy sex with your partner that much better.

          Of course, these are just a few of the many sex toys out there on the market that are made specifically with men in mind, but they’re great items to start with if you’re looking to try the best of the best. Which ones have your attention?