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Product Review: Amore Pleasure Balls by Aara

Product Review: Amore Pleasure Balls by Aara

Posted at Mar 24, 2021 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

Like so many incredible parts of the human body, the vagina is amazing when it comes to all it can do. You know it can give you great pleasure when it’s time to be intimate with yourself or a partner. It can also provide the means to conceive children and deliver them into the world. But did you know it’s capable of lifting weights, as well?

It’s true! Vaginal weightlifting is an activity remarkably similar to the Kegel clenches you may already be familiar with in that it strengthens and tones the muscles that make up your pelvic floor. Adding it to your repertoire brings many potential benefits to the table, and the right set of vaginal weights can maximize what you get out of your sessions.

Here’s a closer look at why everyone with a vagina should consider making vaginal weightlifting part of their routine. We’ll cover what Amore Pleasure Balls by Aara bring to the table, as well.

What Are the Benefits of Vaginal Weight Training?

Vaginal weights are fantastic for your health. However, they can also help elevate your sex life in several exciting ways. From a health standpoint, a more robust pelvic floor means all of the organs in your pelvic region are better supported, including your uterus and other reproductive structures. It also means quicker recovery from childbirth, a lower likelihood of developing urinary incontinence issues, and a stronger core.

When you look at how vaginal weight training can benefit you in the bedroom, the perks get even sweeter. How would you like to feel tighter down there and be capable of gripping your partner better when you make love? Maybe you’d like stronger, more intense orgasms or an enhanced sense of sexual arousal. Vaginal weightlifting can give you all of that and more.

So, yes, your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles can definitely be targeted with Kegels, weights, or other methods. They also benefit from the attention to the same degree as any other muscle group in your body.

How Does Vaginal Weightlifting Work?

Many vaginal weights come as a set, with each item weighing a bit more than the last. This lets you start with the lightest weight and work up to using the others as you get stronger and better toned. Inserting the weight is like inserting a tampon. You simply slide it into place with clean fingers and allow the string to hang through the opening of your vagina for easy removal. (A bit of lube can help make the insertion process more manageable.)

Once the weight is in place, you simply use the muscles of your vagina to hold it in place. Perform reps by squeezing the weight for five seconds, releasing for five seconds, and then repeating the process. Beginners should start with three sets of twelve reps at a time. Do this twice a day, three times per week, just like you would any other strength-training routine.

As you gain strength and move up through your weight set’s various levels, you can try doing more reps or exercising more times per week. Eventually, you can even add to your routine by doing squats as you train or walking up and down the stairs.

Why Choose Amore Pleasure Balls?

There are lots of different vaginal weights out there on the market, but it’s always best to go with a high-quality set that’s capable of giving you the best possible experience. Amore Pleasure Balls are ergonomically designed, user-friendly, and highly effective, so it’s hard to go wrong when you make them your weights of choice.

Three Different Sizes

Your Amore weight set comes complete with three different weight levels, so you’ll easily be able to go from beginner, to intermediate, to expert as you grow stronger and better at doing the exercises. Each weight is also ideally shaped to be the most beneficial for a user of that experience level.

Body-Safe and Hypoallergenic

Amore Pleasure Balls are made of only the best hypoallergenic materials – premium silicone and ABS plastic. That means you don’t have to worry about it irritating your sensitive system, causing allergic reactions, or otherwise jeopardizing the sexual health you work so hard to maintain. They’re easy to clean, maintain, and sanitize, as well.

Easy to Use

Your Amore Pleasure Balls couldn’t be easier to use. They really are as easy to use and work with as tampons, so even those, brand new to vaginal weightlifting should have an easy time getting used to them and reaping the benefits.

Taking care of your body is an essential part of any well-rounded lifestyle regimen, but it’s all too common for people to forget their pelvic floor should get some attention, as well. Amore pleasure balls take the guesswork out of the process and ensure fantastic results you’ll love.