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Product Review: Fetish Fantasy Lover’s Fantasy Kit

Product Review: Fetish Fantasy Lover’s Fantasy Kit

Posted at Oct 23, 2019 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

These days, more couples than ever are exploring the wide, wonderful world of bondage and fetish play thanks to the popularity of phenomena like the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise. Knowing you like the idea of getting down and dirty with your own partner is one thing though. When neither of you has any real experience to draw on, figuring out where to start for the best possible experience can be tough.

If that sounds like you and your partner, you might want to consider getting yourself an all-in-one bondage starter kit to experiment with. Bondage and fetish play starter kits come complete with a variety of different gear options to try, so they’re perfect for getting a first taste of the most popular activities and play scenarios. They take some of the guesswork out of choosing your first pieces of gear as well. The Lover’s Fantasy Kit from Fetish Fantasy is one of the better options out there on the market today.

Why Explore Bondage and Fetish Play With Your Partner?

Are you and your partner still on the fence as to whether or not you should add bondage to your sexual repertoire in the first place? Lots of couples really like the idea, but worry that their interest says something unsavory about them. Others are concerned that it won’t be good for their relationship on one level or another.

In actuality, there is nothing wrong with finding kink play erotic or wanting to give it a try in real life. In fact, it can be truly beneficial to those who do decide to partake, especially couples. Here’s how.

  • BDSM and kink play help those in relationships learn to communicate better and more openly with one another.
  • Sharing and exploring kinky fantasies together helps bring couples closer together.
  • Several studies have actually found a connection between kink play and improved mental health as well. Those who engage in it regularly are less likely to develop depression and anxiety, among other conditions.

Experimenting in the bedroom and exploring new sensations from time to time is a great way to keep your sex life exciting. Plus, it’s just plain fun, so you have every reason in the world to go for it if it interests you.

Getting Started With the Lover’s Fantasy Kit

Although there are no real rules as to where you can start when it comes to bondage and fetish play, most couples like to start with simple restraint, some form of spanking, sight deprivation, or any combination of those. With the Lover’s Fantasy Kit in your corner, you don’t have to choose, nor do you have to go shopping for several separate options. It comes complete with all the things you need to explore all of those activities together.

Metal Handcuffs: Lots of couples first discover their mutual interest in restraint by starting with silk scarves or simply using their hands to restrict each other’s movement. Moving on to something a little more substantial is always a great next step to take, and the metal handcuffs this kit comes with are just the thing.

Using genuine handcuffs really adds a sense of realism to your bondage and fetish play. You can play rougher and harder than you normally would, as you don’t need to worry about scarves or ties coming unknotted in the heat of the moment. The cuffs even come with keys, so it’s easy to play with control a little bit as well.

Leather Whip: Sensation play is another must if you’re looking to explore the best the world of bondage and fetish has to offer. The Lover’s Fantasy Kit comes with a real leather whip featuring multiple tassels, so it’s capable of taking you through a full range of sensations and scenarios.

Start with a little light teasing by playfully tickling your lover’s skin with the tassels. Move up to a few light swats or taps from there. When you’re ready (and if desired), you can eventually deliver harder blows with a bit of a sting to them. A wrapped handle makes it easy to keep your grip while genuine leather conveys sensation perfectly.

Love Mask: Last but not least, this kit includes a sexy black satin love mask to add yet another dimension to your bondage and fetish play. It effectively blocks even bright light, so it’s perfect for blindfolding or otherwise experimenting with sight deprivation. Try your favorite scenarios both with and without the love mask in place to see which you like better.

Not only is the Lover’s Fantasy Kit comprehensive as far as getting you started, but all of the items are easy to take on the go, so it’s perfect for spicing up your next romantic getaway. Have fun experimenting with different locations, settings, and circumstances. Learn what you both like and take it from there. The Lover’s Fantasy Kit makes it easy to finally explore all your naughtiest desires. Are you ready to enjoy the ride?