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Category: Restraints

16 Apr

7 Kinks and Fetishes That Are More Common Than You Think

Posted at Apr 16, 2023 10:30 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

When people hear words like “kink” or “fetish,” they instinctively picture turn-ons and acts that are rare or otherwise unusual. They feel like those are things the average person might be curious about but not necessarily into on any serious level. But many kinks and fetishes are much more common than you may realize.
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3 Aug

How to Build a Sex Room of Your Very Own

Posted at Aug 3, 2022 12:30 pm By Castle Megastore / Category:

Whether you eagerly watched Netflix’s How to Build a Sex Room right along with everyone else or have always dreamed of setting up a space dedicated solely to pleasure, it’s not hard to see why you’d want to build a sex room of your own. Setting aside a special space for something you genuinely love [...]
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22 Jan

Product Review: Spank Provocateur Bed Restraint Kit

Posted at Jan 22, 2020 10:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

Even the best, most active sex lives can benefit from the occasional erotic adventure, and simple bondage can be a great place to start for many couples. This comprehensive bed restraint kit from the bondage and kink experts at Spank Provocateur comes complete with everything you need to start your journey into the wonderful world of bondage and BDSM in style.

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1 Jan

7 Beautiful Metal Sex Toys That Belong in Your Toy Collection

Posted at Jan 1, 2020 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

When it comes to sex toy materials, each of the many options out there comes attached to its own set of unique benefits. Silicone is lifelike, while plastic is economical, and glass is gorgeous. However, metal is definitely in a class by itself. Metal is attractive, it’s sexy, and it’s strong enough to stand up to even the roughest, most vigorous play scenarios.
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