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5 Sexy Gifts That Are Perfect for Lovers

5 Sexy Gifts That Are Perfect for Lovers

Posted at Dec 4, 2019 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

The holidays are right around the corner, so naturally it’s already time to start thinking about next-level sexy gifts that will really wow the ones you love the most. You of course want everything you pick to be memorable and useful, as well as to say something meaningful about your relationship with that person. When the person in question is a lover with whom you enjoy plenty of toe-curling sex, it’s understandable if you want that gift to be sexy as well. The following are some great ideas they’ll not only love, but that are guaranteed to take your sex life up a notch or two as well.

1. Fetish Pleasure Play Felt Restraint Kit

Whether you and your lover have only just started talking about experimenting with BDSM play or already have a little firsthand experience under your belts, there’s nothing like real bondage gear for taking things to the next level. This all-in-one kit from the kink masters at Fetish Pleasure Play comes complete with everything you need to really start exploring:

  • An adjustable collar-style restraint complete with matching clip-on chain -- perfect for keeping your naughty lover right where you want them.
  • A no-nonsense flogger with leather tasseling that’s ideal for doling out everything from the gentlest tickles to the most challenging smacks with ease.
  • A soft, highly wearable love mask that blocks light to perfection, even in broad daylight or extremely bright settings.

2. Ojoy Oak Plus Pleasure Ring

Looking for a great way to stuff your partner’s stocking in more ways than one? Cock rings are second to none when it comes to turning your personal holiday package into something truly impressive. (Think rock hard erections, endless stamina, and flawless control!) The Oak Plus Pleasure Ring from Ojoy takes things to the next level in a way you’ll both love.

The Ojoy Oak Plus Pleasure Ring does everything a standard cock ring can do, including keep the wearer’s cock super hard and huge, but it adds vibration to the mix as well for even more oomph. Two powerful motors, three different speeds, four pulse patterns, and a waterproof design combine to give you plenty of new ways to enjoy each other this holiday season.

3. Glass Erotic Play Flogger

Glass toys make ideal additions to any sex lover’s collection for many reasons. They’re useful, they’re unique, and they’re beautifully elegant. They also make exceptionally wonderful erotic gifts because they’re so beautiful and exquisitely made that they’re practically works of art. It would be especially hard to go wrong with a quality item like this red tasseled glass flogger from Glass Erotic Play.

Two toys are better than one, and this flogger is proof positive. The sexy, red tasseled end is perfect for flogging, spanking, and various other types of sensation play. The sculpted glass handle doubles as a tempered glass probe that’s perfect for taking things to the next level. It even features beautiful black ridging that helps you keep your grip when using it as a flogger and provides your lover with extra stimulation when it’s used as a probe.

4. Nipple Wear Bell Nipple Clamps

Does your lover like nothing better than a little nipple stimulation when the timing’s just right? Surprise them this holiday season with a pair of these extra-festive nipple clamps from Nipple Wear and ask them to model them for you as you pleasure them. You’ll both be ready to deck the halls all night long, guaranteed.

This simple but effective matched set of clamps features a classic alligator-style design that’s easy to wear and even easier to adjust. Fine tune each experience to your exact liking and tastes. Rubber-insulated tips ensure your play stays safe and comfortable no matter how heated things get. Finally, a pair of red, tinkling bells add a very erotic touch of holiday cheer you’ll both love.

5. Lock N Load Persuader Harness System

When you’re really in the mood to get creative with your play, there’s nothing like a little role reversal. However, it’s important to understand that your session will only be as good as your harness system. The Persuader Harness from Lock N Load is an ideal fit for a wide range of different uses and scenarios, including all of your favorite holiday kink maneuvers.

The Persuader is second to none when it comes to comfort, as it’s fully adjustable, strap-based, and very easy to wear, even if you’re new to harness play. It’s also compatible with one of the widest possible ranges of dongs, dildos, and attachments, so it’s perfect for couples who like to change things up often. Its sleek, user-friendly design won’t clash or compete when worn as part of an entire fetish ensemble either.

Of course, these are just a few kinky, sexy gift ideas for spicing up the festivities this holiday season, but they’re definitely an excellent start. Which ones have your attention?