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7 Kinks and Fetishes That Are More Common Than You Think

7 Kinks and Fetishes That Are More Common Than You Think

Posted at Apr 16, 2023 10:30 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

When people hear words like “kink” or “fetish,” they instinctively picture turn-ons and acts that are rare or otherwise unusual. They feel like those are things the average person might be curious about but not necessarily into on any serious level. But many kinks and fetishes are much more common than you may realize.

In fact, research suggests that at least half of all human beings are at least somewhat interested in sex acts widely considered to be kinky. If that means you, you’re in better company than you may have thought. Here are just a few examples that are definitely more widespread than most people realize.

1.      Anal Play

Although backdoor play does still come attached to a certain taboo factor for many people. It’s a lot more common these days than some people might realize. A person’s anal area is incredibly nerve-rich and responsive to stimulation. You don’t need an anal fetish to enjoy it.

However, there are plenty of people out there who are specifically all about anal play to the point where they could be said to have a kink. It’s definitely a thing, so if it’s yours, you’re far from alone.

2.      Voyeurism

Many people, especially men, love the act of watching other people having sex or otherwise engaging in activities widely considered to be private. In fact, this penchant for voyeurism is thought to be why porn is as popular and widely consumed as it is.

The seeds of voyeurism may start in childhood when most people are taught that sex is forbidden, dirty, or otherwise not for them to know about. It’s only natural to become curious about anything that was taboo in this way.

3.      Group Sex

Spend much time on Tinder these days, and it’s only a matter of time before you stumble across someone looking to be part of a threesome and searching for the perfect person (or people) to add to the mix. But while threesomes may be the most common group sex arrangements, they’re by no means the whole picture.

Many people fantasize about the possibility of being part of an orgy, going to a sex party, or otherwise experiencing sex with more than one person at a time. Of course, not everyone decides to bring those fantasies into real life, but they’re widespread regardless.

4.      Bondage

Themes like dominance and submission are very common parts of human sexual fantasies. Many people find the idea of being dominated (or perhaps dominating someone else) to be sexy or erotic, and bondage is a common way people choose to explore those possibilities.

Some people experiment with bondage using everyday items around the house, like scarves or belts. Others decide they’re serious enough to purchase dedicated bondage accessories like handcuffs and restraints. And then some prefer to keep things at the fantasy level indefinitely.

5.      Feet or Shoes

Many people, especially men, have a thing for feet, shoes, or both. There are plenty of theories on why and how foot fetishes develop, but some think it may have something to do with early life experiences involving feet or shoes. Others believe the act of worshiping or doting on feet plays into the themes of dominance and submission.

But whatever the case may be, foot fetishes and kinks involving feet or shoes are extremely widespread. Some foot fetishists merely like the look and idea of feet, while others may actually like engaging in acts like smelling, kissing, or licking the feet.

6.      Impact Play

If you or someone you’ve been intimate with has ever had a taste for a good spanking or any other form of consensual hitting or smacking, then you already have some experience with impact play. In fact, spanking is what initially turned many people on to more involved types of BDSM play.

Any type of sex play, kinky or otherwise, should start with a discussion about boundaries, deal-breakers, and comfort levels. However, this is especially important when exploring impact play, bondage, and other sexual options that play with the idea of physical safety.

7.      Role-Playing

Many people have wild fantasies they would never want to experience in real life. That doesn’t mean they don’t like playing with the idea. Think scenarios like getting frisky with a doctor, getting it on with a total stranger, or being propositioned by a service worker in one’s home.

Role-playing can be a safe, fun way to explore these different fantasies, as well as the potential idea of being someone else. It’s also very common – like dress-up or make-believe for adults.

Ultimately, some kinks and fetishes are more widespread than others. And whether or not a person wants to explore theirs further is a personal decision. However, consent and safety are always crucial, no matter what.