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How to Build a Sex Room of Your Very Own

How to Build a Sex Room of Your Very Own

Posted at Aug 3, 2022 12:30 pm By Castle Megastore / Category:

Whether you eagerly watched Netflix’s How to Build a Sex Room right along with everyone else or have always dreamed of setting up a space dedicated solely to pleasure, it’s not hard to see why you’d want to build a sex room of your own. Setting aside a special space for something you genuinely love makes it easier and more fun to explore that activity to the fullest.

But knowing you’re ready to give your spare room the full Melanie Rose treatment is one thing. Figuring out where to start and how to get the results you want is something else entirely. Here’s a closer look at what you need to know to bring the fantasy room you’ve been dreaming about into reality.

Choose and prep your space

The first thing you want to do is figure out which area of your home would make the best fit for a sex room. Maybe you have a spare bedroom you literally never use or a huge basement that would be a perfect fit, but it’s okay if you don’t. People have been known to transform closets into sumptuous, sensual spaces in a pinch, so be as creative as you like.

How to Build a Sex Room

Next, clean it out and free up some space. A sex room shouldn’t double as a catch-all storage area for old clothes or Christmas decorations. It really should be a beautiful, sensual place that instantly puts you in the mood to play. That’s hard to accomplish in a room that’s cluttered and disorganized.

Decide on a décor scheme

If you watched How to Build a Sex Room or know anything at all about fantasy rooms, then you don’t need to be told that there’s no one way such a room needs to look or feel. You can channel your inner Christian Grey and build a full-on sex dungeon if you like, but you can also go for something more romantic or completely unconventional.

The idea is to pick out an aesthetic that you find sexy and that lends itself well to the kinds of activities you enjoy most. If you like traditional décor that positively screams “sex room,” great, but don’t limit yourself to that unless it’s genuinely what you’re into.

Do natural settings and rustic touches really get you going? Decorate your room in earth tones and add special touches like plants, a flowing water sculpture, or landscape paintings. Are you a sucker for rooms with a clean, minimalist look to them? Decorate in all white and add personality with options like soft rugs or exciting sculptures. Let your imagination run wild.

Consider the focus of your room

Spank Provocateur Black Bed Coupler Restraints

Most dedicated fantasy rooms are built around one central focal point, but what that focal point should be depends entirely on the type of sex you want to be having in that room. Many people do make that focal point a bed. However, options like sex swings, spanking benches, sex machines, or beautiful pieces of sex furniture work just as well.

Just be sure that if you’re installing weight-bearing equipment like sex swings or slings that you research how to do so safely and practically within the space you’ve chosen. That could mean locating weight-bearing beams in your ceiling or – if you rent – looking into free-standing versions of the equipment you want. Be creative, but be wise, as well.


Stock your room with the right gear

Once you’ve got the basic set-up and décor of your sex room right, it’s time to start stocking it with goodies that ensure you’re always in for a good time there. Again, look to the theme and purpose of your sex room for inspiration here.How to Build a Sex Room

Is this going to be your haven for exploring BDSM or kinky roleplaying? Stock up on kink wear like masks, harnesses, chastity belts, and gags, as well as fun gear items like floggers, restraints, and paddles. Going for an ultra-romantic room where you and your partner can spoil each other a bit? Think sensual massage oils, scented candles, soft cushions, and plenty of relaxing music.

Fill a pleasure chest with quality toys

Regardless of the type of room you’re creating, a good selection of toys to reach for when you’re in the mood for something extra is a must. Add a dedicated storage space for a nice selection to your room, and stock it with high-quality options you’ll genuinely love using.

What you choose is up to you, but start with a solid selection of basics – vibrators, anal toys, one or two multi-purpose items, and perhaps one item that’s a little off the beaten trail. Then add to your collection over time as you use your room and learn more about how you most like to use it. The sky’s the limit!