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7 Tips for Making Your Bedroom Sexier and Steamier

7 Tips for Making Your Bedroom Sexier and Steamier

Posted at Jul 14, 2021 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

Environment is critical when it comes to getting the absolute most out of any experience, sex included. How you style and decorate your bedroom counts for more than you think, especially when it’s likely still the place you and your partner most often get down and dirty. If it looks and feels like nothing more than a place to sleep, it’s easier to allow it to become that, especially as the years roll by.

That said, giving your bedroom a sexy makeover is never a bad idea. If bedroom sex has been lacking lately, a new look and feel can help set the mood for a more passionate connection. And if your sex life is already great, a little extra polish can make it even better. Here are some ideas to get you started in the right direction.

1.      Upgrade your mattress.

A mattress that’s old or unsupportive leads to more than just a bad night’s sleep. It can affect the quality of your sex life, as well. A soft, comfortable mattress or topper not only cradles your body as you sleep for a pleasant, cozy feeling but makes it easier to achieve deep, satisfying penetration during sex, as well. Firm mattresses offer better support for sleeping and good leverage for more creative positions. Decide what you want, treat yourself to an upgrade, and enjoy!

2.      Take white out of the equation.

White has its benefits as a décor choice, but it really isn’t appropriate for the bedroom. White is pure, clean, and immaculate – qualities you associate with hospitals, not the type of bedroom where the sheets are practically catching fire every night. Swap the whites and pastels for darks in sumptuous, sensual fabrics. If you’re not a fan of anything too dark, brighter shades like red or orange can energize things without bringing down the overall vibe of the room too far.

3.      Don’t use your bedroom as an office.

With more people working from home on a side hustle (or even full-time) these days, it’s not uncommon for a bedroom to do double duty as a home office. Mixing business and pleasure isn’t a good fit for your sex life, though, so make your bedroom a place strictly for sleeping and having sex if you can. If you really can’t because of space reasons, at least consider adopting options that let you fully convert the room. Keep wires, paperwork, and office tech out of sight outside of work hours.

4.      Change up the lighting.

Lighting is such a huge part of setting the right mood in any room. That said, it’s time to give some thought to the lighting in your bedroom. Lighting that’s too stark is a mood killer, but a complete lack of any helpful lighting can rob you and your partner of titillating visual stimulation. Soft, sensual lighting helps establish the proper mood. It makes you look and feel incredible, too.

5.      Add sensual touches.

Turning your bedroom into an inviting place to turn up the heat is only partly about making sure it looks the part. You have five senses. All of them come into play during arousal and lovemaking, so keep them in mind when deciding how to accessorize your bedroom. Include a good stereo system that lets you play mood music or atmospheric sounds, so you don’t have to have sex in complete silence. Stock the room with sensual scented candles and delectable massage oils to play with, too.

6.      Keep things neat and tidy.

Sexy vibes and clutter quite simply don’t mix, so a bedroom that’s kept nice and neat is a must. Keep your décor style clean and streamlined. Avoid adding too many knick knacks or accumulating too much junk. Keep dirty laundry off the floor, and change the sheets often. Make vacuuming and dusting everyday things. A clean bedroom that looks and feels inviting in every way is the best fit for a hot, spicy sex life.

7.      Start a goodie chest.

Whether you’re actively looking to spice things up in the bedroom right now or not, adding sex toys and other accessories to your repertoire is a must-try idea. Toys can be used to make foreplay more effective or enhance intercourse, so any sexy bedroom should make room for a few options. Try adding an attractive toy chest to your bedroom décor and filling it with a few goodies to play with when you’re in the mood. Fill it with everything from vibrators, to costumes, to accessories for light BDSM play.

As you can see, you don’t need to plan a major overhaul to your bedroom to nail the vibe you’re after. Even a few innovative changes can turn up the heat and keep things exciting. Start exploring the possibilities today! You’ll love the difference even subtle changes make.

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