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Product Review: Womanizer Premium Eco

Product Review: Womanizer Premium Eco

Posted at Nov 24, 2021 09:00 pm By Castle Megastore / Category:

Women who’ve taken the time to really get to know their bodies inside and out know what they need. They know how they most like to be touched, and they have a thorough understanding of what types of stimulation make them orgasm. They’re also through wasting their time and energy on partners who aren’t up to the task of pleasing them, and that goes for toys, too.

That said, the Womanizer Premium Eco isn’t just any toy. It’s an advanced pleasure aid made especially for women who know what they like and want an option that’s not just effective but fits seamlessly into their lives. Here’s a closer look at what makes it such a game-changer and why it deserves to be part of every woman’s toy collection.

Powerful Touchless Clitoral Stimulation

If you’re like most women, then clitoral stimulation is more than just enjoyable. It’s also likely the most potent, reliable way for you to have an orgasm when you really want one. Your Womanizer was designed to cut straight to the chase when it comes to toe-curling pleasure and powerful orgasms, so it places the focus right where it should be – your clitoris. But rest assured that it’s not just any vibrator.

The Womanizer Premium Eco leverages patented touchless Pleasure Air technology to suck, stroke, and massage your clitoris with just the right intensity. However, it does this by manipulating the air around your body instead of through direct contact. The result is the gentle but stimulating touch your clitoris craves most. No chafing, no irritation, and no problems with overstimulation – just incredible pleasure designed with your body’s needs in mind.

Versatile Functionality and Multiple Settings

Naturally, you’re not always going to be in the exact same mood every time you’re down to get a little naughty. Sometimes you want things slow, gentle, and lingering. Other times, you’re in the mood for something a lot quicker and more intense. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with keeping different toys on hand to satisfy different needs, you’ll be pleased to know the Womanizer Premium has you covered regardless.

Most female-oriented sex toys will come equipped with at least a couple of different settings, the better to help you find exactly the right intensity for you. But the Womanizer Premium actually has twelve to choose from instead, so it’s easy to customize your experience any way you like. Pick one setting and stick with it from start to finish, or cycle through several different options for an intuitive experience you’ll love.

The Womanizer Premium also comes equipped with Smart Silence technology, so you don’t need to tell it when it’s time to go into action mode. Instead, it senses when your skin is within the right proximity and starts right up. And when you set it aside or put it down for a moment, it knows it’s time to shift to standby mode. Easy, right?

Sustainable Materials for Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Smart, empowered women aren’t just about making the right choices for their bodies and overall health. They care how their choices impact the environment, as well. Unfortunately, not all sex toys are created equally in that arena. But this particular version of the Womanizer Premium brings something different to the table.

Since this is the Eco version of the same great Womanizer women have been counting on for a long time, it’s made entirely of incredible Biolene. Biolene comes from resources that are 100 renewable, so a Womanizer Premium Eco isn’t just a smart choice for your body. It’s a choice that’s also in step with your commitment to environmental responsibility. Biolene is completely body-safe, as well, so you can truly feel good about using it on every level.

Fits Seamlessly into Your Lifestyle

And, of course, no modern woman would consider a toy an ideal purchase until she knew how it would fit into the life she already enjoys living. The Womanizer Premium Eco just so happens to be perfect for busy, vibrant women who want plenty of options as to where, how, and when they use their toys.

To begin with, the Womanizer is ergonomically designed to be easy to hold and use. It also comes in manageable dimensions that won’t take up all the space in your nightstand drawer, toy chest, purse, or luggage. That means you can easily take it on the go no matter how light you like to travel. It comes complete with an organic cotton pouch for easy storage, as well.

You’ve also got your options wide open as far as how you enjoy your Womanizer. Keep it all to yourself to enhance solo sessions, or hand it over to your partner for foreplay that really gets the old juices flowing. With the Womanizer Premium Eco in your corner, you’re always within easy reach of powerful pleasure that hits all the right notes. Try it for yourself and see!