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Product Review: Wonder O Wand Massager

Product Review: Wonder O Wand Massager

Posted at Nov 6, 2019 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

If you like your sex toys to be as versatile as they are effective, then you really can’t call your collection complete without a classic wand massager. Wand massagers are second to none when it comes to sheer power. Most wands are also designed with the entire body in mind as well, so yours can do excellent double duty as a personal body massager for tired, aching muscles.

Knowing a wand massager sounds like the right fit for your intimate life is one thing though. Deciding which of the many options out there on the market is the best fit for you is another. The Wonder O Massager in particular brings a lot to the table that make it a great pick whether you’re in the market for your first sex toy or your sixtieth. Here’s a closer look at why you might want to consider making it your choice.

Flexible Design

A wand massager is really only as good as its design, and the Wonder O Wand Massager is a class act in that regard. Its sleek, modern design not only looks incredible, but is easy to hold and control. An ergonomic tapered handle houses all of the operation buttons in just the right spot, so it’s a snap to switch from one vibration setting to another, even when you’re in the middle of a massage.

The real game-changer when it comes to the Wonder O Wand is its head though. It’s made of pure medical-grade soft touch silicone, a material that’s as popular as it is for intimate toys for many reasons.

  • It’s body-safe, meaning even those with sensitive skin don’t have to worry about their new toy causing an unpleasant reaction or otherwise damaging their health.
  • It glides easily and gently over bare skin of every type, so it will feel just as comfortable against your most intimate anatomy as it will your limbs, back, neck, or torso.
  • It’s durable and long-lasting. High quality silicone really goes the distance, so you won’t find yourself in the market for a replacement after only a few short months.
  • It’s super easy to clean, so keeping the head of your wand hygienic is truly as simple as washing it with gentle soap and water or using your favorite spray-on wipe-off toy cleaner.

The way the Wonder O’s silicone head fits into the rest of the toy’s design is pretty special too. It’s actually beautifully flexible and responds naturally to the curves and contours of your body, making it a perfect fit for any type of massage.

Lots of Settings to Explore

One of the standout perks a wand massager brings to the table over the alternatives is definitely the power and the Wonder O Wand is no exception. You’ll be treated to deep, rumbling vibrations that really penetrate deep to get the job done, whether that means soothing the kinks out of some seriously sore muscles or sending you floating toward your next orgasm.

The Wonder O Wand has plenty of different settings to explore as well, so it’s easy to tailor each massage session to your exact liking and mood. Just use the handy, conveniently situated push-button controls to cycle through a total of four different speeds and four unique vibration modes until you find the one that hits the spot, so to speak. You’ll find there’s an option there for just about every use you can dream up for your Wonder O Wand.

Fits Seamlessly into Your Life

Some toys sound great on paper, but aren’t as useful in practice as you might have hoped. The Wonder O Wand was designed with more than just your next tension relief session in mind. The design team behind it also wanted it to be something you can use wherever and however you want.

  • The Wonder O Wand is cordless, so you’re not shackled to your nearest wall outlet when it comes to where you can use it. You’re also free to really get into your massages when you don’t have a cord getting in the way every which way you turn.
  • At just over 13 inches long, it’s portable enough to take on the go with relative ease. Slip your Wonder O Wand into overnight bag or suitcase for on-demand massages anywhere your travels might take you.
  • It’s fully rechargeable as well, so no more worrying about whether or not you have enough spare batteries in hand.

The multi-use, non-representational design of the Wonder O Wand makes it a great fit for absolutely anyone. This includes people shopping for their first sex toy who may not yet be comfortable using something that’s strictly for intimate use, as well as bedroom partners who may be ready to experiment a bit, but don’t like the idea of a representational, insertive toy. Add it to your collection today, and prepare to have the time of your life!