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Sensual Massage: Why You Should Try It and How to Do It Right

Sensual Massage: Why You Should Try It and How to Do It Right

Posted at Mar 1, 2019 01:30 pm By Castle Megastore / Category:

If you’re looking for an enjoyable way to take foreplay to the next level, then sensual massage is something you need to try. Not only can sensual massage be every bit as intimate as sex, but it’s an amazing way to make special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries a little bit more romantic. It’s a simple but effective way to activate all of your senses as well. Here we’ll go over everything you need to know to make sure your first sensual massage (and every one that follows) is the sweet, sexy experience you want it to be.

The Benefits of Sensual Massage

Sensual massage comes attached to plenty of benefits and not just for the receiver. Like love making itself, a sensual massage brings your two bodies together in a unique and potentially profound way. Like a traditional massage, it soothes tired muscles and helps relieve stress. However, unlike a standard massage you’d get from a professional masseuse, there’s no specific etiquette that needs to be followed.

When it’s just you and your partner, absolutely anything goes (and anything should). There’s no need for modesty drapes (unless that’s what you prefer), and no body part is off limits unless the two of you want it that way. You’re absolutely within your rights to keep things PG-rated, but you may find that difficult once you experience how highly arousing sensual massage can be firsthand.

How to Give a Good Sensual Massage

While there’s really no right or wrong way to approach a sensual massage experience with your partner, it really is a lot like sex. There’s a fine art to creating and delivering an experience you’ll both relish every second of. Keep the following pointers in mind as you explore together.

1. Set the right atmosphere

    Great sensual massages start with an ambiance that sets the tone and mood you want – romantic, relaxing, and inviting. Take the time to get the room you want to use ready for the experience. Scented candles, flowers, low lights, and relaxing music are definitely good ideas. However, you’ll also want to think practically.

    Make sure the temperature in the room is warm enough to be comfortable for your partner. If they’re the modest type that may feel awkward about lying completely nude in a bright room, dim the lights and keep a soft, velvety drape nearby in case it’s wanted or needed.

    2. Use the right accessories

      A sensual massage doesn’t absolutely require anything except for your own two hands, but some carefully chosen tools and accessories can definitely heighten the experience for both of you. The following are some great examples:

      • Sensual massage oil or body lube. You can definitely use everyday body lotion for this in a pinch, but there’s really something to be said for sensual oils made specifically for massage. They help your hands glide naturally over your partner’s skin. They leave skin feeling conditioned, moisturized and soft as well
      • Vibrating massagers. Wand massagers can be a would-be masseuse’s best friend when it comes to sensual massage. The powerful vibrations they deliver are fantastic at soothing away aches, pains, knots and stress. Many wand massagers also double as sex toys, so they’re great for transitioning things toward a happy ending if that’s what you have in mind.

      3. When in doubt, work in order

        Again, there are no ironclad rules you need to follow when you’re treating your partner to a sensual massage. However, it can be helpful to know the general order most massages follow. Start by having your partner lie face down on their stomach so you can start with their back and shoulders. Then work on their legs before having them flip over onto their back.

        From there, finish massaging their legs, as well as work on their feet. Follow with their arms and finish with their neck and shoulders. If you like, you can treat your partner to a scalp massage as well.

        4. Know your sensual zones

          Attention paid to the body’s sensual zones is what separates a sensual massage from the traditional ones you might be used to, so it’s important to know where they are – the pelvis, the inner thighs, and the lower back. That’s where it’s time to focus next.

          Take your time massaging your partner around these areas and pay careful attention to how they respond to what you’re doing. If it feels right or they become aroused, don’t be afraid to kiss or nibble them in these areas. You can even go down on them if you like or allow the massage to transition into full-blown lovemaking.

          When approached in the right spirit, sensual massage can be a powerful way to connect to your partner and elevate the intensity of sex. Enjoy it on its own as a special treat once in a while or make it part of foreplay to give any encounter a romantic boost.