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17 Wild Sex Facts You May Not Have Known

17 Wild Sex Facts You May Not Have Known

Posted at Mar 24, 2017 10:30 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

Sex – it’s something the great majority of us actively seek out at one point in our lives or another. Whether or not we’re interested in actually having it, the chances are still pretty good that we’re interested in it. However, even the most sexually curious among us probably has a lot to learn in the grand scheme of things.

The following are just a few of the oddest, wildest, and most amazing facts about sex you may not have known. How many caught you by surprise?

1. Old people are having more sex than you think they are

When we think of our grandparents or the kindly old lady down the street, we don’t usually picture them as sexual beings. In the event it does cross our minds, we figure they were sexual when they were young, hot, and horny. We don’t think of the fact that they could be having active, raunchy sex lives as older people.

We’re also dead wrong. Older people are currently the social group experiencing the largest spike in venereal disease infection. What’s more, a third of all women aged 80 or older still have sex with their partners and around three-quarters of all men 70 and older are still biologically capable of impregnating a female partner. The great majority of sexually active older people have performed oral sex on their partners over the past year as well.

2. Sex toys are actually illegal in some states

You’d think that here in the 21st century, you’d be legally within your rights to shop for, purchase, and own a sex toy of your choice anywhere in America. In most U.S. states, you’d also be correct to think that. But in fact, in Alabama and Mississippi though, sex toys are actually banned. You’ll have to hop in the car and drive to a neighboring state if you’re serious about getting that new vibrator or butt plug!

3. Several popes have actually died while having sex

Four popes, to be exact. Of course, that means there are well over 250 popes that died some other way, but still. These are popes. Fact is, they’re not supposed to be having sex at all, so it’s wild to think that several have actually kicked the bucket while en flagrante.

4. Higher-weight men actually have more sexual stamina than thin men

Tired of putting up with male partners that reach the finish line before you’ve even finished limbering up for the race? You might want to consider taking a chubbier lover. At this point, numerous studies have actually confirmed the theory that higher-weight men take almost three times as long to reach orgasm as a man of normal weight. The more higher the weight, the longer it takes.

5. Great sex actually makes women prettier

Got a female coworker that has enviably clear skin and bouncy, shiny hair that looks like it ought to be in a shampoo commercial? It’s possible that the beauty secret you keep begging her for is a really satisfying sex life. Fun fact, sex and orgasm cause women to produce a lot of extra estrogen, which in turn makes their hair shinier and their skin prettier. Keep that in mind the next time you wonder what you can do to achieve Katy Perry-esque skin at home.

6. A man’s ejaculation is actually pretty powerful

If you’ve ever had a male sex partner that seems to explode with what seems like a lot of force, it’s not your imagination. The average man actually ejaculates at a speed of 28 mph. That’s as fast as superhuman runner Usain Bolt can run when he’s giving it his all!

7. The porn industry is probably even more lucrative than you think it is

We all know that sex sells, so we probably also take it for granted that there’s a lot of money to be made in porn. Most of us probably have no idea how right we are though. The adult video industry generates more than $13 billion dollars in cool profit every single year. For comparison’s sake, consider the fact that Hollywood movies generate about $8.8 billion every year.

The porn industry overall also makes more money than the National Basketball Association, the National Football League, and Major League Baseball combined. Yes, you read that right! People spend more money on porn than they do on all three of America’s three biggest major league sports. It also makes more than ABC, CBS, and NBC combined.

8. Men with big balls and women that are ovulating are more likely to cheat

There might be something to that myth that hormones really are at work when it comes to how likely a given person is to cheat on a partner. Statistics show that the larger a man’s testes are, the more likely he is to eventually hook up with someone else. Similar statistics show that ovulating women are going to be more susceptible to temptation.

9. Straight men spend almost as much time looking at penises online as they do vaginas

According to many statistics, straight men don’t just comb the Internet for great shots of boobs, butts, and vaginas when they have sex on the brain. They actually spend an equal amount of time searching for images of penises. The reasons for this are unclear. Presumably, they’re comparing themselves to other dudes out there to see how they stack up. However, it’s also possible that they simply enjoy looking at other men’s junk.

10. More than half of the people that watch transgender porn online are straight men

Speaking of the online porn habits of straight males, straight guys are apparently really into transgender porn. It’s the fourth most popular type of porn on the entire planet and over half of the searches performed for it comes from straight men. In other words, straight males in general may be a lot less transphobic than you might think they are.

11. Prostitution is actually a thing in the animal world

Zoology researchers have actually discovered that prostitution exists in penguin society. They’ve observed female penguins accepting pebbles and other nest-building materials from male penguins that aren’t their partners in exchange for sex. This isn’t just a freak occurrence either. This behavior has been observed multiple times.

12. Most people occasionally fantasize about other people when they’re having sex with their partners

If you’ve ever felt guilty for entertaining a sex fantasy about Scarlet Johansen or Ryan Reynolds while you’re in bed with your partner, you can at least take comfort in the knowledge that you’re in excellent company. According to statistics, about two-thirds of people have fantasized about somebody else while they were getting busy with their partner. So relax. Most of us have done it or will do it in the future.

13. People do most of their lying in bed

And when we say “lying”, we mean the kind that made Pinocchio’s nose grow. You’d think that since you’re typically naked and vulnerable when in bed with a partner, that more than any other situation would inspire you to tell the truth. However, statistics show that adults are more likely to lie under those conditions than they are at any other time.

14. Having regular sex is actually really good for you

So much of what feels good in life is actually pretty bad for us – smoking, drinking, recreational drugs, fast food… the list goes on and on. That said, you’ll be relieved to hear that sex is pretty beneficial from a health standpoint. People that have sex on the regular sleep better. They also suffer less from the effects of stress and tend to have lower blood pressure than people that aren’t getting any.

15. As far as who’s having the most anal sex, it’s not who you think it is

If you had to guess who is having the most anal sex out of everyone out there on the planet, you probably wouldn’t immediately think of college-educated white women. However, that’s exactly who’s most likely to be having it according to statistics. And add to the equation the fact that anal sex toys play a big role in having unforgettable experiences.

16. Homosexuality is perfectly natural and Mother Nature has proof

Homosexuality isn’t just a human thing. It’s common absolutely everywhere in the natural world. There are even reports of homosexual penguin couples adopting abandoned baby penguins to raise as their own. Remember that the next time someone tries to argue that homosexual relationships are somehow less than natural.

The same goes for bisexuality. Some studies have found that the great majority of certain species (like giraffes and turkeys) are actually bisexual, as opposed to heterosexual.

17. Women orgasm more easily at certain points in their cycle

Want to raise your chances of giving your female partner multiple orgasms to the highest degree possible? Invite her to get busy either during or just before her period. Most women find it easiest to experience the ultimate pleasure then than they are any other time of the month. All the more reason not to knock period sex, right?