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5 Amazing Reasons to Give Mutual Masturbation a Try Tonight

5 Amazing Reasons to Give Mutual Masturbation a Try Tonight

Posted at Apr 22, 2020 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

Masturbation is a lot more than just a great way to treat yourself to a quick orgasm when you’re in serious need of one. It can be a seriously rewarding way to turn up the heat when you’re in bed with your partner as well. How you do it is up to you. You can feast your eyes on one another as you go at it, or you can take turns. You can even give each other a hand if the mood strikes.

Mutual masturbation can be a stimulating way to take foreplay to the next level, or it can be the main event every now and then. It can even turn a long-distance video call into something truly memorable and highly erotic. The following are some awesome reasons to give it a try sooner rather than later.

1. It can broaden your horizons.

No one who’s ever had (or given) really good head would dare argue that it’s not “real” sex. That’s because oral sex can easily be just as intimate and satisfying as intercourse, if not more so, and this can be the case for mutual masturbation as well. The more different intimate acts you add to your repertoire, the broader your perception of what “counts” as sex becomes.

Couples who treat activities like mutual masturbation as sexual encounters that are whole and complete in their own right tend to be happier both in and out of the bedroom. They learn that there are many ways to make themselves or their partner feel good, and they eagerly embrace a variety of them.

2. It can break you out of a rut.

When you’re in a relationship, it’s natural and normal to become accustomed to one another in the bedroom. You learn what works best for both of you, and you settle into a certain groove after a while. However, it’s all too easy for that groove to become a rut that you’re struggling to find your way out of.

Mutual masturbation is a great way to add something new, exciting, and stimulating to your sex life. Not only is it hot, but it’s relatively easy to do and to master. It takes performance pressure out of the equation on many levels for both partners. It’s also a great choice for nights one or both of you is too tired to tackle full-on intercourse.

3. It’s a great teaching tool.

Sure, you can tell your partner what you’d like them to do when they’re touching you, but wouldn’t it be more fun to show them instead? Letting your partner watch you masturbate is a failsafe way to show them exactly how you enjoy being touched when orgasm is the goal. It’s certainly more straightforward than trying to explain the same thing verbally, not to mention a lot hotter.

It’s a good way to introduce pleasure aids like sex toys into your sexual routine as a couple as well. Try adding verbal instruction to the mix by making it nice and dirty. When and if the both of you want, you can ask your partner to take over for you or join you by partaking in a little self-service action of their own.

4. It can bring you closer together.

Showing your partner how you like to touch yourself when you’re the one in the driver’s seat isn’t just sexy. It’s like letting them in on a naughty little secret that you’d normally keep all to yourself. Since this isn’t something everyone gets to see or know about you, it can’t help but make your partner feel trusted, valued, and chosen.

Mutual masturbation is even more interesting in that it allows you to focus on yourselves while simultaneously connecting to one another. It’s an amazingly intimate experience for two people to share together, and it has the potential to bring you closer together, even when you’re physically apart.

5. It improves communication between the two of you.

Some people are naturally a lot more comfortable talking openly about sex than others. If you’re shy or less experienced, masturbating mutually with a partner gives you another way to communicate with your partner in bed. You can show your partner what you like and what you want, as opposed to always having to tell.

Plus, when it’s mutual, getting into things comes a lot more naturally for both people. It can make you both more comfortable with sex, especially when it comes to trying new things. In time, you’ll find it gets easier to talk about it as well, both in the bedroom and outside of it.

At the end of the day, there’s no such thing as too many ways to experience pleasure with a partner. Mutual masturbation is just one more way you can enjoy each other and stay connected on an intimate level. Give it a try today!