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5 Incredible Adult Toys and Accessories to Try with Your Partner

5 Incredible Adult Toys and Accessories to Try with Your Partner

Posted at Jan 27, 2021 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

If you still think you need to be single to benefit from a good sex toy, it’s officially time to think again. Not only are today’s sex toys not just for people who are strictly flying solo in the sex department, but you don’t have to use them alone, either. There are quite a few couples out there who love what using sex toys together has done for their sex lives.

Although almost all sex toys and related accessories are technically unisex, many options on the market are especially well-suited for couples. The following are some great examples. Which ones sound like the best fit for you and your partner?

1. Ojoy Oak Plus Pleasure Ring

A good cock ring makes a wonderful first toy to try as a couple, and the Oak Plus from Ojoy pulls out all the stops. To begin with, it brings the same benefits to the table that you'd enjoy with a standard ring – erections that grow bigger, stay harder, and last longer. However, it also comes equipped with an intense vibration function that's sure to send you both soaring.

The Oak Plus lets you explore and experiment with three speeds and four different pulse patterns, so there's a setting for every mood. It's also waterproof, portable, fully rechargeable, and easy to control, thanks to a handy ergonomic remote. Just imagine the possibilities!

2. Nova 2 by We-Vibe

We-Vibe is famous for designing next-level toys that make especially great additions to couples' play, and the Nova 2 is no exception. An innovative wearable design delivers intense hands-free stimulation you can enjoy on your own or while playing with a partner. Flexible and easy to customize, the Nova 2 moves and grooves with you as you enjoy yourself.

The Nova 2 is also compatible with We-Vibe's own signature We-Connect app. You can use it to turn your smartphone into a handy remote control or create personalized vibration patterns that make playtime extra fun. The app can also be used to put your partner in the driver's seat for some incredible long-distance action. And it's waterproof, too, so go ahead and go wild!

3. K-Y Yours and Mine Couple's Lubricant

Any intimate encounter (solo or otherwise) is instantaneously made better by the right lube, and K-Y wrote the book on long-lasting personal lubrication that gets the job done. This "yours and mine" set is perfect for couples for more than one reason.

The blue bottle produces an arousing warming sensation that's just right for him, while the purple bottle brings her body to life with an invigorating tingling sensation. Enjoy each formula alone or bring the two together for a doubly delectable experience.

4. Mighty Bullet with Remote

If you're looking for the ultimate "does it all" toy, you can't go wrong with an excellent vibrating bullet. Bullets are ideal for exploring every nook and cranny of your anatomy in search of all your hidden hot spots. They're great for jazzing up foreplay. Wedge it between the two of you as you make love, and it makes intercourse positively orgasmic, as well. Non-representational and designed to make beautiful music with anyone's body, vibrating bullets are must-haves for any couple's collection.

The Mighty Bullet is an especially perfect sex toy for couples, thanks to its handy wireless remote. It makes giving yourself over to your partner's every delicious whim a cinch. Plus, portable dimensions, easy USB charging, waterproof construction, and a whisper-quiet motor make the Mighty Bullet the perfect accomplice when it comes to bringing your naughtiest, most creative desires to life.

5. Get Nasty

Whether you're looking for a few new ideas to try in the bedroom or simply like the idea of an extra-naughty way to pass an evening, you'll love Get Nasty. It's an X-rated game designed to push you and your lover well outside of your comfort zones, the better to discover some fantastic news ways to get down and dirty together.

Get Nasty features 57 different pull-tab cards, each with a different dirty challenge for the two of you to indulge in together. Keep it in your pleasure chest to take special occasions to the next level or spice things up when you're in the mood for something different. Just don't be surprised if it becomes a regular thing. Get Nasty is addictive in the most wonderful way! 

Of course, these are just a few of the excellent adult options we stock just for couples here at Castle Megastore. Don’t be afraid to browse our full catalog of irresistible toys, products, and accessories for even more terrific suggestions. We’re always adding titillating new items, so be sure to check back often! Your partner is sure to appreciate your dedication to your mutual love life.