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5 Things Men Need to Know About Self-Love

5 Things Men Need to Know About Self-Love

Posted at Dec 28, 2022 11:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

It goes almost without saying that body positivity, personal empowerment, and healthy self-love are hot topics these days. But if you’re a guy and feel like the ladies are getting all the attention in this regard, it’s only natural to want your own turn at bat. Many people still wrongly think of the need for self-love and a positive relationship with one’s own body to be a female thing, but that’s not true.

Men can often feel just as disconnected from their bodies and needs as women, thanks to outmoded social norms and childhood conditioning about how men are and aren’t “allowed” to feel. But make no mistake about it. Self-love is for you and every man just as surely as it’s for women. Here are some things to keep in mind moving forward.

1.      Your body is perfect just as it is

Women aren’t the only ones who have to deal with unrealistic body standards or who worry whether the body they have is close enough to what their partners want. Men worry about those things, too, and can feel pressured to adhere to social standards that may not be realistic for them.

That said, you deserve to know that your body is fantastic, just as it is. And we’re not just talking weight-wise, either, although weight is part of it. Men of every height, shape, and cock size are sexy and valuable, as well. And you can rest easy in the knowledge that plenty of potential partners would agree that you’re perfect just as you are.

2.      You’re allowed to like what you like sexually

Women and men alike have a lot to overcome regarding what society says they are and aren’t “allowed” to like in bed. For example, men grow up seeing their nerve-rich anal area as off-limits unless they’re gay or queer, and most wind up cheating themselves out of some seriously pleasurable experiences as a result.

The same goes for things they may feel like they can’t or shouldn’t enjoy when they’re in bed with their partner. For example, many men love slow, tender, explorative lovemaking but have been conditioned to think they “should” only like it quick, dirty, and sweaty. So do yourself a favor, consider all the ways someone else has told you to feel about your sexuality over the years, and actively challenge them.

3.      Sex toys are for men, too

Another commonly held misconception about human sexuality is that sex toys are only for women. Because only women generally ever have issues reaching orgasm during penetrative sex (and sometimes even during masturbation), they must be the only ones with any use for a vibrator, right?

First of all, a woman is just as likely to use a vibrator because she wants to as she is to use it because she needs to. And men can benefit from vibrators and other sex toys, as well. Toys like strokers and masturbators can introduce a man to lifelike, unique sensations, while prostrate probes and similar options can help him discover his anal area.

Vibrating cock rings, penis pumps, and bullet vibrators can help him take his sex life with his partner to the next level, as well. If you haven’t explored the wonderful world of male sex toys yet, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Your only regret will be not doing it a whole lot sooner.

4.      Your body belongs to you

That means only you get to decide how you choose to enjoy it when you’re flying solo. No one gets to decide for you how, when, and why you might choose to share it with your partner, either. It’s yours, and it’s a veritable wonderland just waiting to be explored when it comes to pleasure.

You really owe it to yourself to explore and celebrate everything your body has to offer. Try touching it in various places and experimenting with different sensations. Get curious when it comes to your fantasies, turn-ons, and unexplored territory that might turn out to be worth a second look. Far too many men never make it to that place, and that’s a shame.

5.      You deserve to love the skin you’re in

Naturally, the journey to self-love doesn’t happen overnight for anyone, men included. But it’s still a journey worth taking for lots of reasons. When you truly love yourself and feel at home in your body, life is just better on so many levels.

Your confidence goes through the roof. You start cultivating a better relationship with yourself which naturally leads to better relationships with others. And digging more deeply into your sexuality and learning about how your body experiences pleasure elevates your sex life, too. Try it. You’ll be glad you did.