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9 Great Couple’s Toys for Eager Beginners

9 Great Couple’s Toys for Eager Beginners

Posted at May 22, 2019 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

When you picture the average sex toy lover, what type of person comes to mind? You might picture someone that spends a lot of time getting off by themselves, whether they’re single or not. While sex toys like vibrators, dildos, and strokers are great ways to make a solo session more satisfying or elevate self-love to the next level, they’re also great for couples.

In fact, some of the most popular and exciting sex toys out there are actually designed with couples in mind and they’re far from one-size-fits-all. There are toys out there that enhance orgasm for both of you and allow you to experiment with different sensations. In other words, a sex toy is something any couple could benefit from no matter how satisfying their sex life may already be. The following are just a few great options to consider.

1. Cock Ring

    Cock rings are perfect starter toys for couples that are really quite satisfied with their sex life, but still wouldn’t mind enhancing things a little. At its most basic, a cock ring is pretty simple – a stretchy silicone ring a man wears at the base of his shaft. Once in place, the ring helps him maintain the massively hard, ultra-huge erections both he and his partner crave. It helps him last longer, as well as enhances the intensity of his orgasm when he does eventually cum as well.

    Many couples like to take things one step further by upgrading to a vibrating cock ring. Vibrating cock rings bring all the same benefits to the table that a standard ring does, but it also has a nub at the top that houses a game-changing vibrating bullet. Not only does the bullet help deliver the direct clitoral stimulation most women need to reach orgasm, but the vibrations enhance intercourse for the man as well.

    2. Couple’s Vibrator

      If you like the idea of adding vibration to your love play, but want something different from your average vibrating cock ring, you might want to try a hands-free couple’s vibrator (like the ever-popular We-Vibe) on for size. We-Vibes and similar options function similarly to the standard vibrators you might be used to, but are C-shaped so as to be easily worn by the woman during intercourse.

      The bottom curve of the vibe is inserted into her vagina while the upper curve is allowed to arch over her vulva for deep, penetrating vibrations that cover all her most sensitive sweet spots. There’s plenty of room left for her partner to slip inside her so they can simultaneously enjoy the satisfying stimulation the wearable vibe brings to the table for both of them.

      3. Vibrating Bullets

        Not everyone is simply looking for a reliable way to enhance intercourse and take the guesswork out of making sure both partners reach orgasm. Some couples are all about experimenting, exploring, and playing with different ways to give each other pleasure. If that sounds like you and your partner, you might want to consider adding a standalone vibrating bullet or vibrating egg to your toy chest.

        Vibrating bullets are like miniature versions of the traditional vibrators you might be familiar with. Some are specially shaped or designed to stimulate nearly any area or pleasure zone you wish. You can use them to please her clit, or the head of his penis, or the outside of either partner’s sensitive anal area. However, you can also tease and arouse your partner by running a vibrating bullet over any sensitive area that strikes your fancy. Enhance foreplay, elevate intercourse, and more!

        4. Remote Controlled Vibrator

        Another must-have toy for couples that enjoy experimenting with naughty, stimulating play is a remote-controlled vibrator. Although there are lots of different designs to choose from, most options are made to be worn by one partner while the other controls it via either a discreet remote or a compatible smartphone app. Some remote-controlled vibes are made to be operated from across the room, but those that are controlled via smartphone apps can be operated from anywhere in the world.

        Naturally, technology like this opens the door to an entirely new realm of possibilities for an adventurous couple. Some couples like to use their remote-controlled vibes to engage in a little clandestine fun while they’re out in public together. Others use theirs to stay connected during time spent apart or to keep long-distance relationships nice and spicy. How will you and your favorite play partner use yours?

        5. Blindfold

          Anyone that’s ever tried to find their way around a dark room at night or during a power outage is probably familiar with the way not being able to see heightens all of their other senses. It’s the brain’s natural way of adapting to the loss of sight and it can really work wonders for your sex play if you and your partner are the curious type.

          Blindfolds are great first sex toys for couples that are interested in eventually exploring fetish play or bondage, but want to start off small. They’re non-intimidating, inexpensive, and definitely bring that “naughty” feeling to the table, but they’re also highly effective when it comes to making a sexual experience more exciting for both partners. Try it and see for yourself!

          6. Handcuffs and Restraints

            Whether you’re looking to take the next step up from blindfolding one another or are simply dying to find out what it’s like to experiment with bondage right off the bat, handcuffs make a great addition to a collection of sex gear. They’re not so risqué as to intimidate a shy or inexperienced partner, but they definitely get the job done nevertheless. Break yours out for those occasions when you really want one of you to call all the shots.

            Restraints are also great options, especially for play lovers in search of something a little more versatile than your standard pair of handcuffs. Many restraints can easily be attached to your bed frame or slipped underneath the mattress to hold your partner’s ankles, wrists, or both firmly in place. They’re easily adjusted or repositioned as well, so they’re perfect for those that have a specific restraint scenario in mind.

            7. Nipple Clamps

              If you or your partner love the extra stimulation nipple play brings to the table, you’ll really want to consider experimenting with nipple clamps at some point. Not only are they awesome ways to elevate your sex play, but they bring an entirely new host of sensations to experiment with the table.

              At their most basic, nipple clamps come in pairs and feature coated appendages designed to pinch the nipple and stimulate it, but without harming your delicate skin in the process. Some nipple clamps are connected by a chain or adorned with hanging ornaments to add weight and visual appeal. Others attach to the nipples via pleasant-feeling suckers or vibrators. Which option is right for you really depends on what kind of sensation you’re interested in, but many couples that love nipple play keep several options on hand for the sake of variety.

              8. Floggers and Ticklers

                Lots of couples love experimenting with different sensations in the bedroom and with good reason. Different types of touch arouse in different ways and can be lots of fun to play with. Everything from a light, teasing tickle to a firm, bracing lash can have its proper place in your repertoire and the right gear can take the guesswork out of delivering exactly the stimulation you’re both in the mood for.

                Options like feather ticklers, floggers, and sex whips make great first toys for couples that either already enjoy activities like spanking or strongly suspect that they might. Such toys make awesome additions to every kind of play you can think of as well from silly and flirtatious to highly erotic and arousing.

                9. Starter Kits

                  Not every couple knows exactly what they’re looking for right off the bat. However, they do know that they’re looking to explore lots of different sensations over the course of their play. If that sounds like you and your lover, you’re ideal candidates for a sex toy starter kit. Starter kits come with a whole selection of popular toys and coordinating gear options in one handy, economical kit. Perfect for those that want to try several different things, but aren’t ready for the hassle and expense of investing in multiple separate toys!

                  There’s a starter kit out there for just about any type of play you might be interested in. There are anal kits, bondage kits, and roleplaying kits. There are even more generalized kits that contain multiple types of toys for well-rounded players. Such kits are great ways to discover what types of toys you and your partner like best, as well as push boundaries in a fun but approachable way. Explore the possibilities today!