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Ben Wa Balls: What Are They and What Can They Do for Your Sex Life?

Ben Wa Balls: What Are They and What Can They Do for Your Sex Life?

Posted at May 1, 2019 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

They go by lots of different names including Kegal Balls,Venus ball, geisha balls, and Burmese balls. They’re also rumored to take your sex life from good to great. But what are ben wa balls? Are there really any benefits to using them and, if so, what are they? Most importantly, are ben wa balls a good fit for you?

We’ll go over everything you need to know about incorporating ben wa balls into your own sex life. We’ll start with the basics as far as how to use them and when. You’ll be handling them like a pro in no time.

What Are Ben Wa Balls?

In a nutshell, ben wa balls are vaginal weights that can serve a variety of purposes. They usually come in sets of two – one ball that is completely hollow and another that contains a small but heavy metal weight that rolls around within the ball casing. When inserted into the vagina, they must be held in place using one’s pelvic floor muscles, strengthening them in the process. The rolling motion of the weights in the balls is incredibly pleasurable for many women, so ben wa balls are sometimes used for sexual stimulation.

Their use dates all the way back to ancient China and Japan. Legend has it that women used to insert them and spend hours in their rocking chairs, eventually bringing themselves to slow-burning but intense orgasm. The earliest ben wa balls were made of ivory, but today they can be made of many substances including plastic, steel, brass, Lucite, or any combination of the above. You can even buy gold-plated or vibrating ben wa balls if that’s your thing!

The Pros of Using Ben Wa Balls

Not that there aren’t benefits to using other types of sex toys, but the ones associated with ben wa balls are especially noteworthy. They include:

Better Sex

Just as your biceps, pecs, or glutes can benefit from regular ongoing weight training, so can your vagina and pelvic muscles. Like Kegel exercises, ben wa balls are great for giving these underrated muscles a much-needed workout.

With regular use, you’ll feel a lot tighter to your partner during sex, much to his great delight. Many women also find they experience more intense orgasms, as well as reach orgasm more easily. In other words, sex just gets better overall for you and your partner when ben wa balls are part of the equation.

Treats Incontinence

Your pelvic floor muscles are responsible for more than just your vagina. They’re also what help you hold your urine. That said, women that struggle with incontinence often find ben wa balls help them achieve better control over their bladders. Some even find their issues clear up altogether.

Recovery After Childbirth

Ben wa balls are a fantastic way to get your lady parts back into fighting shape after having a child. To begin with, they help tighten up areas that may have stretched or become weakened during pregnancy and childbirth. They also help to speed the overall healing process, allowing you to feel like yourself again a lot sooner.


Many women like to use ben wa balls throughout their entire day. The subtle sensations produced by the balls while going about your daily business can be incredibly pleasurable. Since they’re typically made of non-porous material, you can use the balls for longer than you might be able to use other sex toys. Some women even wear them nearly all day while at the office, on dates, while grocery shopping, or while going about their errands.

The subtle sensation associated with traditional ben wa balls can also be a great way to become more in tune with your own body. While other more widely used sex toys like vibrators are designed to deliver intense stimulation and get you off quickly, ben wa balls are all about learning to experience pleasure in a more subtle, drawn out way. Orgasms achieved via ben wa balls are slow-building and can take hours to achieve. However, they’re also rumored to be well worth the wait.

The Cons of Using Ben Wa Balls

Ultimately, there are no true cons in using ben wa balls because they’re not dangerous and there are no ill effects associated with long-term use. There’s no real downside to building vaginal strength.

However, some people really do prefer intense, mind-blowing stimulation from tools like vibrators when they think of sex toys. If you’re all about intense orgasms quickly achieved, ben wa balls may be a bit of a disappointment… or at least that’s the case when it comes to using them as a pleasure aid. Increased vaginal tightness and pelvic floor strength is a benefit anyone can get behind.

How to Use Ben Wa Balls

Ben wa balls may seem a little confusing at first glance if you’ve never used them before, but they’re actually quite simple. You simply insert them as you would any other instrument meant to be worn inside the vagina.

The empty ball goes in first. Push it all the way in until it reaches your cervix. The loaded ball goes in next. Push it in until you feel it make contact with the first ball. The balls are inserted in this order since many women find the sensations associated with the loaded ball to be unpleasant when experienced right next to the cervix.

Once the balls are inserted as directed, simply decide how you’d like to activate the motion associated with the weighted ball if pleasure is what you’re after. Some women enjoy gently rocking in a swing or rocking chair. Others enjoy causing the contents of the loaded ball to roll around by moving their hips or thighs in a variety of different ways. (Even walking or swaying will do the trick.)

If you’re more interested in building muscle strength, simply use Kegels to hold the balls in place to the best of your ability. At first, you’ll probably need to lie down or sit in order to keep the balls from falling out. Eventually, as your muscles become stronger, you’ll find you’ll be able to stand up, walk around, and – eventually – even go about your daily business with the balls in place.

Getting the Most Out of Ben Wa Balls

Ultimately, the key to having a positive experience with ben wa balls is to manage your expectations. Most that express disappointment or dissatisfaction with their experience go into things with wildly unrealistic ideas of what’s going to happen. Keep the following points in mind to ensure you have the best possible time with your own set.

Work Up to Public Use

As you may already be aware, loads of women online claim to wear their ben wa balls in public and quite of few of them probably actually do. However, it’s important to understand that that’s something you work up to. Until you get used to holding the balls in for a very long time you should start out wearing them at home first. Otherwise, you’re probably in for a pretty cringe-inducing public “oops” moment sooner rather than later.

Material Matters

If you’re a beginner, choose the material your ben wa balls are made of with care and forethought. Skip slick options like glass or metal, as these can be difficult for a beginner to hold onto. Instead, go for plastic or silicone.

Lube Is Your Friend

It’s really not possible for us to stress how much easier lube makes things when it comes to inserting your ben wa balls. However, there’s a fine art to figuring out how much is enough. Just keep in mind that the easier things go in, the easier they’ll come back out again if given the chance. Use just enough to get the job done, but no more.

Cleanliness Is Important

As is the case with all sex toys, it’s important that you’re hygienic when it comes to how you take care of your ben wa balls. Wash them thoroughly with warm, soapy water after each wearing. Some balls are attached to one another via a cord or string of some sort. If this is the case for yours, make sure you wash the connections thoroughly.

Don’t Panic

It’s normal to sometimes have a bit of trouble getting ben wa balls back out again, so don’t panic if that turns out to be the case for you. Keep in mind that it’s not possible for them to “get lost” up there. Try adding some more lube and pushing them out using your vaginal muscles. That usually does the trick.

As you can see, ben wa balls can be a wonderful addition to your collection of sex toys and gear for a number of reasons. With regular use, they’re certainly going to improve your sex life, as well as your awareness of your own body. Those are benefits absolutely anyone can get on board with.