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Hygiene & Pleasure 101: Why Every Toy Lover Should Be Using Toy Cleaner

Hygiene & Pleasure 101: Why Every Toy Lover Should Be Using Toy Cleaner

Posted at Mar 13, 2020 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

If you’ve been into sex toys long, then you likely understand just how important it is to keep them clean and use them hygienically. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking one cleaner is just as good as another. If you’re like most people, you use one type of soap to wash your body or your hair, another entirely different type to wash your kitchen floor, and still another type to wash your clothes.

You wouldn’t wash your hair with laundry detergent or vice versa, so why clean your sex toys with a soap that isn’t designed for the job? Special cleaners that are just for sex toys not only exist, but bring lots of additional benefits to the table as well. The following are some great examples.

Safeguard Your Investment in Your Sex Toys

Just as your shampoo is formulated to help your hair stay its healthiest and look its best, a sex toy cleaner is specially formulated to keep your toys in tip-top condition. Other soaps can potentially damage the delicate materials many toys are made of or otherwise destroy their integrity. They can also leave residue behind that can irritate your delicate skin.

Really good sex toys represent an investment in your sex life and in your personal pleasure. It makes sense to protect that investment by using the correct products to clean and sanitize your collection. It’s the right choice to make for your body as well.

Enjoy a More Convenient Clean

Some sex toy cleaners are more conventional in nature and are meant to be used over a sink or in the shower the way you would any other soap. However, there are convenient alternatives that you simply spray on and wipe off as well. Many toy lovers like to keep both on hand – one for routine toy cleaning sessions and the other to keep close at hand so it’s always available when needed.

  • Spray-on toy cleaners make it easy to take proper care of your toys from a hygienic standpoint. Store a bottle or two with your toys so it’s always nearby.
  • Spray-on cleaners also make it easy to properly clean a toy when switching from anal stimulation to vaginal, so it’s simple to keep infections out of the equation.
  • If you’re into threesomes, group sex, or casual sex, a spray-on cleaner makes it easy to thoroughly disinfect a toy before using it on a new person. Although, when sharing toys, we recommend the use of condoms.

Upgrade Your Cleaning Experience

Sex toy cleaners are about more than just keeping your toys clean and sanitary. Like shampoos, body washes, or dishwashing liquids, many of them are designed to enhance the items they clean and make them better. That said, don’t be afraid to shop around and explore all your options.

Are you a big believer in those uncannily lifelike Real-Skin toys that are all the rage? Synthetic skin is notoriously hard to take care of without it drying out, cracking, or otherwise losing its magic over time, but the right toy cleaners can keep it supple and good as new for many years to come. Do you often wish your toys smelled cleaner and fresher? Try a cleaner with a delicious fresh scent for a change of pace.

Many toy brands (like Fleshlight, to name just one example) even have their own cleaner lines that are designed to work perfectly with their toys. The more types of toys you have in your collection, the more worthwhile it might be to keep a couple of different cleaners on hand to help them stay awesome.

What’s the Best Method for Cleaning Your Sex Toys?

All sex toys should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected as soon as possible after each use. No, there’s nothing inherently dirty about your genitals or privates, but they do contain bacteria that doesn’t belong elsewhere. You don’t want to give those bacteria a chance to build up on the surfaces of the toy. They can spread elsewhere or cause infections.

Some people who use their toys very regularly have a “toy cleaning day” or two each week when they clean all their toys. Others are all about spray cleaner and prefer to “spray and wipe” quickly after they’re done playing, but before they put their toy away for the night. There’s no wrong way to do it so long as you’re cleaning after every use.

You may want to consider a quick cleaning before getting down and dirty with your favorite vibrator or other toy as well. This helps ensure there’s no dust, lint, or random debris clinging to the surface when you start to play. Clean play is satisfying play! At the end of the day, your sex toy collection is too valuable on too many levels not to take care of it properly. Sex toy cleaner can help you take the guesswork out of the equation.