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Product Review: Black Silk Large Anal Beads

Product Review: Black Silk Large Anal Beads

Posted at Jun 10, 2020 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

There are lots of toys out there with the ability to instantly take an orgasm from good to life-changing and a bunch of them involve stimulating your sensitive back door. However, some toys are a better fit than others for beginners or those that prefer a more subtle experience. Anal beads are an excellent example.

What makes a set of anal beads a better fit than something else when it comes to experimentation? How can anal beads be used to enhance a sexual experience? And most importantly, why is this particular set of beads from the Black Silk collection a better choice than the hundreds of other picks out there on the market?

What Are the Benefits of Using Anal Beads?

On the surface, a classic string of anal beads looks pretty simple, but don’t let that fool you. The right set of beads can be a life-changing way to enhance any type of intimate play, solo or otherwise. Beads can be especially helpful when it comes to making your orgasms more powerful.

Anal beads best work their magic when they’re inserted either before or during play. While they’re inside you, they can be agitated to your liking using the attached handle for added pleasure. However, their true appeal is in the unforgettable sensation they produce when they’re removed, especially if this is done just before or during orgasm.

Beads are relatively approachable and non-intimidating, even for people who are total newbies to anal play. They also produce an experience with a near-universal appeal, so it’s not uncommon for someone who thought they didn’t like anal play at all to fall madly in love with their beads. Beads are safe, inexpensive, and versatile as well.

What Sets Black Silk Anal Beads Apart?

Black Silk’s Large Anal Beads strike a wonderful balance between approachable and advanced, so they’re a great pick for just about any pleasure seeker. Experienced anal play lovers can appreciate the quality level of the product, as well as the generous size of the beads. Beginners will love the sleek, tapered design and the velvety smooth feel of top-tier silicone. Here’s a closer look at the perks of making these beads your choice.

Pleasure-Inducing Design

Every anal play lover is different when it comes to the preferred size of their toys. Some people love the feeling of being stuffed to capacity while others prefer a modest, “barely there” feeling. However, most people like a toy that’s somewhere in the middle.

This is Black Silk’s string of large anal beads, so they come packed with loads of pleasure potential. The beads are also graduated in size and tapered, so they go in easily but stimulate you to perfection on the way out – just what you want!

Premium Silicone

Anyone who’s been into sex toys long already knows that silicone is the material to beat on several fronts. To begin with, it’s smooth, sleek, and feels incredible against very sensitive skin. It’s also body-safe and hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about it aggravating your allergies or otherwise jeopardizing your health. It’s super easy to clean and take care of as well, so it’s an especially good fit for an anal toy.

Black Silk doesn’t use just any silicone to create its toys though. This is ultra-premium silicone that rewrites the entire book when it comes to sleekness and smoothness, so you’re guaranteed a comfortable experience no matter how sensitive your body might be.

Made to Last

Like any top-notch company, Black Silk stands behind the products it puts out there and guarantees your absolute satisfaction. Black Silk Large Anal Beads come attached to a lifetime warranty, so you can trust that they’ll be curling your toes for many years to come or your money back.

These aren’t beads that are flimsy or insubstantial. They won’t break on you or start to peel after just a few uses. They’re strong, pristinely made, and practically designed so you’re never disappointed in your experience on any level.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Beads

Although there’s no wrong way to enhance your pleasure using anal beads, there are certain pointers you may wish to keep in mind to ensure optimal play.

  • Always use lube when playing with any anal toy, beads included.
  • Thoroughly clean and sanitize your beads after every use.
  • If you’re new to anal play and concerned about mess, experiment with your beads for the first time in the shower.
  • Keep spray-on/wipe-off toy cleaner close at hand when playing to sanitize on the fly, especially if you might want to share your beads with a partner.

While not every anal toy is right for everyone, anal beads are perhaps the biggest exception. They’re ideal for just about anyone who wants to experiment with backdoor play and Black Silk makes some of the best!