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The Fine Art of the Nooner: 8 Tips for Making Sure Yours Are Worth Rushing Home For

The Fine Art of the Nooner: 8 Tips for Making Sure Yours Are Worth Rushing Home For

Posted at Jun 1, 2018 08:30 pm By Castle Megastore / Category:

There’s just something about a sexy romp when you have it in the middle of the afternoon, isn’t there? Not only is it a wonderful opportunity to add a touch of brightness and fun to an otherwise lackluster day, but it’s a great way to instantly make the sex itself hotter. Momentarily putting your regularly scheduled agenda on hold in the name of your next orgasm feels naughty in a uniquely delicious way that’s hard to resist.

Even the best things in life can quickly lose their appeal if we allow them to become routine though, nooners included. Thankfully, the fine art of having positively addictive nooners is something you can learn. Here we’ll go over some must-know tips for making sure a nooner with you remains well worth rushing home for over the years.

  1. Think ahead a little

People love nooners because they’re a welcome departure from the same old daily routine. At their best, they feel completely spontaneous and just naughty enough to be fun. We’re going to let you in on a little secret though. A little forethought is actually the key to spontaneous experiences that curl your toes every time. Since most nooners involve at least one of you rushing home during your lunch hour or otherwise stealing a few precious moments out of a busy day, it helps to be ready in advance.

That means something different to everyone. Maybe to you it means making sure your favorite lube and a vibrating cock ring are always within easy reach. Or perhaps it means giving your partner something to look forward to by telling them in advance that you’re in a nooner state of mind as they head out to the office in the morning. The point is nooners are always better when you’re both as excited and prepared as possible.

  1. Get a head start on the foreplay

Speaking of being ready, nooners are all about making the absolute most of a pretty limited amount of time.  Unless you’re blessed with an ultra-flexible schedule that allows for it, don’t expect your nooner to be a marathon lovemaking session. Most nooners are quickies, which can be super-hot in their own way. Quickies don’t allow for much foreplay though, so priming the pump in advance is an absolute must.

Luckily, foreplay is something that can easily become an all-day affair. Give your lover a preview of what they can look forward to with a naughty caress and a flirtatious good-bye that makes it clear you’re looking forward to ravaging them in a few hours. Then keep things going all morning long with some sexy texts, maybe a naughty selfie or two, and some time spent fantasizing about coming attractions to get your own internal fires burning. You’ll both be pretty revved up by the time lunch rolls around!

  1. Cut straight to the chase

Great nooners make every single minute count. Just as you won’t have a lot of time to spend on foreplay, you don’t want to waste time on a lot of talking either. That said, it helps to have some idea how you see the nooner playing out ahead of time. For instance, you should decide in advance what position and location you’re in the mood for. Not only does it save time, but it’ll drive your partner wild when you beg them to bend you over the back of the sofa and take you from behind or let you ride them right there on the kitchen floor.

Making the most of every minute you have increases the chances of a happy ending for both partners as well, especially if at least one of them is female. Women generally take much longer than men to reach a big O, so even a few extra minutes can make all the difference in the world.

  1. Know which positions do the trick for both of you

If the two of you have been together a while, you’ve probably pretty well perfected your sex game by now. You know which positions each of you likes best and you know which ones are the most likely to result in orgasms for both of you, especially when sex has to be quick and dirty. If you’re a male-female couple start with her favorite position so she can get off ASAP and then switch to his so he can finish with a bang as well.

If you’re a newer couple that’s still learning the ropes as far as what works for each of you in the bedroom, practice makes perfect. Start working on your quickie game in advance by experimenting as much as you can and seizing every opportunity to have a little spontaneous naughty fun. You’ll be ready for some seriously earth-shattering nooners before you know it!

  1. Make good use of lubes and sex toys

The right lube makes for a better all-around sexual experience any time, but it’s an absolute must for a good nooner. Lube relieves some of the pressure for women to be dripping wet in an instant. It also means favorite activities – like a little hot anal – are officially back on the menu when it comes to your afternoon delights. Lubes come in lots of scents, consistencies, and flavors as well, so they’re fun to experiment with. Try a variety and always make sure to have plenty of your favorite types stocked and ready to go!

Sex toys are an absolute godsend as well, especially when it comes to taking the guesswork out of orgasms for her. Try making your nooners that much more buzzworthy by adding a vibrating couple’s toy to the mix. Hands-free options that can be worn during intercourse are really too good to miss out on (e.g. vibrating cock rings). Versatile picks that can be used to stimulate multiple male and female erogenous zones are well worth trying as well (e.g. bullet vibes or vibrating eggs).

  1. Do it with your clothes on

Unless it’s absolutely necessary for one or both of you to be stark naked in order to get off, there’s really no need to strip down completely. It takes time to take off multiple layers of clothing even if you practically rip them off and time is exactly what you don’t have when it comes to most nooners.

Remember what we said about how useful it is to plan ahead! The “planner” mentality should definitely extend to your clothing choices whenever possible on days you feel open to a nooner. A dress or skirt (preferably worn without underwear) is the most convenient choice for a woman. Men are more likely to have pants with flies that allow for instant easy access. Only bother removing what’s absolutely necessary to get the job done and leave everything else on. Having sex partially clothed is super-hot and tends to feel naughtier anyway, so embrace it!

  1. Don’t be afraid to get a little handsy

Never underestimate the usefulness of a practiced hand (or two) when it comes to having great nooners! It’s totally OK to give your partner (or yourself) one to help with stimulation and orgasm achievement, especially for those times you don’t have your favorite vibrating toys available. This is especially the case for women, as most can get themselves off in a fraction of the time it would take someone else to do the same thing.

Plus, hand action and masturbation are seriously hot. People love watching their partners pleasure themselves and it’s unlikely your partner is any different. Treat them to a show to remember while helping yourself get to where you need to be to have a really amazing orgasm. No, an orgasm isn’t necessary when it comes to enjoying your nooners, but why not take one where you can get one?

  1. Nix the pressure, have fun, and relax

It’s totally natural to want your next nooner be an earth-shattering experience for the record books, but it’s important not to put too much pressure on yourself or on your partner. Definitely set the stage for a great time, but once that’s done, check all your expectations at the door. The whole point of having a nooner is to add a much appreciated, carefree bright spot to an otherwise ordinary day, so be open to letting the encounter be what it is.

Don’t worry about it if one or both of you don’t actually have an orgasm. Chances are it was still good and felt amazing, right? Plus, you had an amazingly sexy bonding experience with your partner and added some much-needed fun to your day. Don’t sweat it if things don’t go down exactly the way you pictured in your mind either. That’s often the case with many of life’s best moments, so relax and enjoy the ride!