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Velskin Takes Their Signature Approach to Adult Toys Up a Notch with Creative New Catalog Additions

Velskin Takes Their Signature Approach to Adult Toys Up a Notch with Creative New Catalog Additions

Posted at Oct 28, 2020 09:00 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

Sometimes there’s nothing like a classic silicone sex toy when it comes to stimulation that always rubs you the right way. However, as any toy connoisseur knows, not all options on the market today are equal. Velskin is way ahead of the game with their signature Vel-Ultra silicone, beautifully sculpted details, and creative toy design approaches.

Now Velskin’s kicking things up another notch with an entire host of bold, beautiful new sex toys that are guaranteed to be unlike anything else you have in your collection already. Here’s a closer look at what’s got people talking about these hot new pleasure chest picks.

Eye-Catching New Colors

A perfectly designed sex toy is a lot like a perfectly prepared dish of gourmet food. Your eyes get you excited about the experience to come before the action even begins, so looks matter. No toy company understands this better than Velskin. They’re famous for their beautifully sculpted, lifelike dildos and insertable options.

They’ve never been afraid of color either, and their newest creations are proof positive. Get excited about bold, juicy palettes like the stunning blues, greens, and yellows you’ll see in the Velskin Alien Cole. Or add a literal rainbow of visual appeal to your toy collection with energetic options like the Velskin Rainbow Porter. You can even add a very Jackson Pollock-esque artsy vibe to your solo sessions with patterns like the one you’ll find on the Velskin Cooper.

Stimulating Shapes That Won’t Leave You Hanging

Naturally, looks aren’t everything when it comes to a good sex toy. It’s also got to feel incredible when it’s time to get down to business. Non-motorized sex toys can’t fall back on teeth-chattering vibrations or gimmicks, so the secret to their ability to satisfy is all in the shape. Velskin’s always been great at bringing the noise in this arena, and their latest releases are no exception.

Are you a diehard fan of lifelike dildos to the point where nothing else will do? Take an option like the Velskin Levi for a spin and prepare to be amazed. Thick veining, rich coloring, and a curved shaft that’s perfect for tickling your hidden sweet spots combine for an orgasmic good time every time. If you like your insertable toys less representational, give the cherry red Velskin Reid your attention instead. Want to take the guesswork out of accurately locating your G-spot or P-spot? The Velskin Earle has your back and then some. They’re positively addictive.

Creative Backdoor Items for a Well-Rounded Experience

If you’re all about a little well-executed anal play, you’re in luck. The newest round of additions to the Velskin family includes a full range of new backdoor options. Some of them are refreshing twists on classic plugs and stimulators. The Velskin Rainbow Mae is a terrific example – a very wearable traditional plug that’s perfect for pleasure seekers of every experience level. Pretty in petal pink, the Velskin Petite Annie is another with its voluptuous curves and divinely approachable dimensions.

Of course, this hardly means that there’s nothing here to tempt the truly adventurous backdoor enthusiast. The Velskin Pill Plug takes the idea of treating pleasure like a drug to fun new levels. And you’ll love the way the Velskin Lee Screw and the Velskin Lucy Egg take representational fantasy shapes to new places that are as appealing as they are titillating. Many of these options are perfectly suitable for wearing on a long-term basis, as well, so they’re an excellent fit for lengthy play sessions or even all-day personal wear.

Toe-Curling Pleasure That’s Oh So Shareable

Velskin’s creations make delicious additions to anyone’s solo pleasure routine, but what about those special nights you don’t want to keep all those naughty goodies to yourself? Just about every toy in the Velskin line is fully harness-compatible, so you’re all set. Just grab your favorite harness, your go-to toy-safe lube, your partner, and let your libidos run wild.

This newest influx of sex toys to Velskin’s signature collection even adds a couple of beauties designed especially for those who like to be generous with their toys. The Velskin Carson is one of two new wearable dildos that take shared toy play to incredible new levels. With the Carson in your corner, the giver enjoys the same astonishing stimulation that the receiver does for a uniquely intimate shared experience you and your partner will love.

If you’ve been looking for a good reason to add to your toy collection, you won’t do any better than an entire host of new options from Velskin. Ultra-premium silicone that redefines buttery silkiness, stunning new colors, and irresistible shapes combine to exceed your wildest expectations. Pick up one (or two, or three) of your favorites today, and prepare to be amazed!