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Why Everyone Should Own and Use Glass Sex Toys

Why Everyone Should Own and Use Glass Sex Toys

Posted at Nov 9, 2022 11:30 am By Castle Megastore / Category:

Spend much time in any brick-and-mortar sex shop or on your favorite online toy site, and you’ll see at least a handful of glass sex toys for sale. And if you’re like most people who are new to glass toys, your first sighting will probably leave you equal parts curious, interested, and confused.

Are glass toys meant to be used or just looked at? And if so, how do you use them? Are they as fragile as other items made of glass? What is the experience of using them really like? Here we’ll go over everything you need to know to answer all your burning questions.

Glass toys are stunningly beautiful

It’s not uncommon for someone unfamiliar with glass dildos, plugs, or probes to mistake the first couple they see for beautiful works of art. Glass sex toys come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and textures. Many glass toys are gorgeously sculpted or incorporate beautiful swirls of color into their design.

In fact, some people with a soft spot for glass toys like to leave some of their favorites on display in their bedrooms or other private areas at all times. But make no mistake about it. These are items that are very much intended for hands-on use.

Glass toys have an unforgettable feel

Glass may not seem like the first material you’d think of if you’re looking to engage in some serious penetrative play, but it really does make sense once you’ve had time to think about it. Glass is deliciously smooth, so glass sex toys have a unique way of gliding effortlessly in and out when they’re in use.

Glass Dong

They’re also nice and hard – hard enough that they don’t absorb pressure when it’s applied. This makes them perfect fits for applying targeted pressure right where you want it most. Collectively speaking, the unique sensations glass toys bring to the table are unlike anything else and something every pleasure seeker should experience.

Glass goes perfectly with lube

If you know your way around the wide, wonderful world of sex toys, then you’re already aware that you can’t use just any lube you want with your favorite toys. You need to make sure your pick is compatible. Otherwise, you risk ruining your items – exactly why most people just stick to simple water-based lubes and all it a day.

Glass toys are durable and non-reactive enough to work just fine with any lube you like. If you prefer water-based lubes, it’s all good. But glass is fully compatible with all your favorite oil-based lubes, hybrids, and more, too. And since glass is non-porous, the lube sits right on the surface as it should, meaning you can easily get by with less.

Glass is durable and body-safe

When most people think of glass, they think of delicate, fragile items that shatter if you mishandle them the least little bit. That’s what makes it so hard for the uninitiated to picture wanting anything made of glass anywhere near their private parts. However, it’s essential to understand that glass sex toys are made of ultra-tough tempered glass that’s shatterproof and chip-proof, so there’s no need to worry about safety problems.

Glass Butt Plug

The non-porous, stable nature of glass as a material makes it body-safe, as well. No nasty chemicals to jeopardize your health, and no mystery ingredients to worry about. It’s super easy to clean and take care of, as well – a toy lover’s dream come true in every way.

Glass toys let you play with temperature

Glass is incredible when it comes to many things, and adapting to different temperatures is one of them. That makes glass toys perfect for individuals or couples who like the idea of experimenting with temperature in the bedroom.

Although your glass toys will be tempered, it’s still safest for their integrity (and you’re safety) not to expose them to extreme temperatures by attempting to freeze them or boil them. Instead, simply let your glass toy sit in a bowl of warm or cool water until the desired temperature is reached, and have fun.

Glass toys are environmentally responsible

Last but not least, going with glass is among the most environmentally responsible choices you can make when it comes to materials. Unlike jellies, rubbers, and similar materials, there are no harmful chemicals that go into the making of glass. (It’s all-natural and derived from sand.)

Glass is also highly recyclable, so you don’t need to worry about how to dispose of a glass toy that’s damaged or has simply outlived its usefulness. Simply recycle it, secure in the knowledge that you made the right choice.

Ultimately, there are few sex toy materials that are pretty much everything a pleasure seeker could want them to be, but glass is definitely among them. Glass toys are beautiful, versatile, easy to use, and even easier to fall in love with. So add one (or several) glass toys to your collection today. You won’t be sorry.