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12 Sure Signs He Is Happy in Bed

12 Sure Signs He Is Happy in Bed

Posted at Nov 15, 2018 04:30 pm By Castle Megastore / Category:

When you’re a woman in a relationship with a man who has mad bedroom skills, it goes without saying that you feel over-the-moon lucky on a near daily basis. You’re constantly in a good mood, your skin looks amazing, and you get to enjoy as many orgasms as you can handle.  However, you still can’t help but wonder. Is the sex you guys are having anywhere near as mind-blowing for him as it is for you?

It only makes sense that it would cross your mind from time to time, especially if your guy isn’t exactly the vocal, expressive type. If it’s good, you want to keep it that way, and if it’s not, you want to fix it, right? Of course, you can always just ask him how it is for him, but there are plenty of other signs that can totally clue you in to whether he's happy in bed. The following are just a few excellent examples.

1. You have sex on the regular

    The better something is, the more of it you want, and sex is definitely no exception. This is the case whether you and your guy are married, in a long-term relationship, or even just friends with benefits for the moment. If he’s hitting you up for more nookie on a consistent basis, he definitely likes the way you handle yourself between the sheets. We’re hardly saying one-night stands or isolated hook-ups can’t also be amazing, of course, but if he’s constantly coming back for more, there’s no way it’s not happy in bed.

    2. He seems really happy overall

      The state of a couple’s sex life and the condition of their relationship overall really do go hand in hand. That said, if you want to know whether your guy is happy in bed, assess how happy he seems to be with your relationship in general. Is he generally upbeat, cheerful, and happy when you’re together, as opposed to distant and moody? Does he always give you the impression he can’t wait to see you and that he loves nothing more than spending time together? He’s almost definitely happy in bed as well.

      3. There’s usually cuddling afterward

        It’s a common misconception that women are the only ones that enjoy cuddling after sex. Lots of men enjoy it as well, especially if they’ve just finished having mind-blowing sex with someone they’re really into. When sex really falls flat for a guy, he’s probably not going to be in the mood to hold his partner afterward. If your partner loves to cuddle you close, share pillow talk, or otherwise be loving and intimate after you’ve just made love, you can trust it was definitely good for him too.

        4. He tells you it’s good for him

          There are definitely a lot of men out there that aren’t so adept in the communication department, but you can generally take a guy at his word when he does speak up. If your man has ever told you that you’re incredible at giving head, that you’re good in bed, or that he finds you intoxicatingly sexy, he definitely means it. If he’s usually a man of few words, then you can pretty much take it to the bank that you really satisfy him. Men who aren’t happy in bed are a lot more likely to simply not say anything at all.

          5. He’s eager to impress you in bed

            If your guy has been trying to impress you in bed, the chances are pretty good you already know it. Does he go out of his way to bring his A-game and make sure you’re satisfied to the max? Is he always eager to expand his sexual repertoire via options like using sex toys together, exploring roleplaying in the bedroom, or experimenting with new positions? Do you get the impression his sexual standards for himself are sky high because he really wants you to be pleased? If so, he’s definitely focused on impressing you. He knows he’s got a good thing going between the sheets with you and he wants to make sure he keeps it.

            6. You have a lot of spontaneous sex

              When you’ve been together a while, it only stands to reason that life demands your full attention sometimes. Sex can wind up temporarily taking a back seat to childcare, your careers, or your social calendars and many couples find it necessary to actually schedule sex and “together time” as a result. If that’s the case for you and your guy, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not happy in the bedroom. It does mean that it’s an especially good sign if he’s constantly initiating spontaneous sex despite how busy your lives are. He clearly can’t get enough of you, so know that you drive him absolutely wild.

              7. He has zero interest in other women

                If you’re married or in a committed relationship, this one probably seems like a no-brainer. However, if you’re a new couple that isn’t solidified yet or you’ve otherwise really just been keeping it casual up to this point, a lack of interest in other women is significant. When you’re not committed or exclusive yet, his options are still wide open. He could be bedding a different girl every night without any real consequences right now, so if he only seems to have eyes for you, it’s a definite sign that you’re giving him everything he needs, both in and out of the bedroom.

                8. You’re sexually communicative

                Communication is key when it comes to building and maintaining a healthy sex life that’s consistently satisfying for both partners. You can’t read each other’s minds, after all. However, communication and mutual feedback that flows easily isn’t just helpful. It’s also a sign that you’re both not only happy with your sex life, but truly committed to keeping it that way. That said, if your guy regularly shares his fantasies with you and eagerly expresses his innermost desires, he’s definitely happy with the sex. He also likely feels incredibly connected to you sexually.

                9. He returns the favor when it’s oral time

                  Not every guy is all that into giving oral, so it’s definitely not something most women can say they’ve experienced with every partner they’ve had. If your guy does make it a point to return the favor when you give him head, he’s definitely into your bedroom game (and likely into you too). He certainly likes going to bed with you enough to want to please you and to care whether or not you thoroughly enjoy yourself when the two of you get together.

                  10. He’s physically affectionate outside the bedroom

                    It’s not just how a man behaves when it’s time to actually have sex that can give you clues as to how he feels about being with you. When a man’s getting properly laid by a smoking hot woman, he feels on top of the world. He also regularly thinks about what the two of you do together in bed and he craves it even when you’re not going at it between the sheets. Does your man go out of his way to touch you, kiss you, hold you close, or otherwise be physically affectionate with you outside of strictly sexual situations? If so, he’s definitely in the habit of thinking about how strong your pussy game is.

                    11. He brags about you to other people

                      Guys that are really happy with their relationships, both in and out of the bedroom, have a hard time keeping it to themselves. They’re naturally competitive, so they also want other guys (and especially their close friends) to know how great they have it and how satisfied they are, meaning they’ll brag from time to time. That said, if you’ve ever overheard your partner talking up how hot you are or how great his relationship is to his friends, you know you’re keeping him happy in bed, not to mention everywhere else.

                      12. You have absolute faith in your sexual prowess

                        Sometimes people just know when they’re phenomenally good at something and they can’t help but be mighty confident about it when that’s the case. If you’re a self-assured, confident lady that instinctively knows how to please a man, it’s likely that you’re doing exactly that. Since confidence is mega-sexy as well, there’s also a good chance that you’re carrying yourself as you should in the bedroom and expressing yourself well. That can’t help but enhance the sex you have with your man and you can rest pretty easy that he knows how lucky he is.

                        At the end of the day, men may be mysteries, but they’re hardly impossible to figure out. This is especially the case when it comes to sex! Just keep an eye out for the above signs that he’s happy and satisfied with your sex life and if there’s still any doubt, just ask.